Creatives in Place shares stories of endurance

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Friday January 29, 2021
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(clockwise from upper left) Sydney Cain, Yosimar Reyes and his grandmother, Kev Choice and Lisa Evans.
(clockwise from upper left) Sydney Cain, Yosimar Reyes and his grandmother, Kev Choice and Lisa Evans.

How are Bay Area artists enduring the pandemic? Find out through Creatives in Place, a new visual and listening project featuring 22 Bay Area artists. Their stories of surviving and thriving during a time of great upheaval, may provide some inspiration.

The multimedia online projects asks questions beyond the pandemic, about ongoing economic disparities, and the debate over art as product versus creative outlet.

Curator Tammy Johnson chose the participants, mostly women and People of Color, ho each share their progress, determination and barriers in maintaining an artistic focus in their various genres.

Described as "a digital altar for culture makers who span ethnicities, races, gender identities, sexualities, and modalities," the website presents their poetry, dance, drag, charcoal, beading, painting in audiograms, images and videos.

In a short interview, performer Lisa Evans discusses the making of her work, 'Sermon for the Black and Crazy.'

Sydney Cain, whose multimedia work embodies impermanence and transformation, uses paper, dye, graphite and powdered metals. She discusses the ephemeral nature of her work amid a time of unrest.

Mexican poet Yosimar Reyes discusses the development of his writing that explores migration and his elder care, navigating resources on their behalf.

Musician Kev Choice's profile includes excerpts from his music, as well as an interview in which he explains 'remote' music-making with others.

Interview audio clips have English transcription and accompanying videos and/or photo slideshows.

Get to know these Bay Area artists at

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