'New Queer Photography' book focuses on the marginalized

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Wednesday January 6, 2021
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Two selections (M. Sharkey and Donal Talbot) from 'New Queer Photography'
Two selections (M. Sharkey and Donal Talbot) from 'New Queer Photography'

Published in November 2020, New Queer Photography: focus on the Margins, a new photography book from Berkeley-based Ginko Press shares the work of dozens of photographers, each carving out a vibrant niche in portraiture of LGBTQ lives. With a predominant focus on young queer, and trans people, the 52 different photographers manage to showcase their individual styles.

Many of the images contain nudity, but the subjects are posed mostly in serious places and attitudes. Others capture the crazed drag nightlife scene.

Still others show refugees in Middle Eastern countries where homosexuality is illegal, their faces obscured by floral tree limbs.

Interspersed are essays by Alexander Chee, Shiv Kotecha, and Edna Bonhomme.

"Living on the margins — under different circumstances — may often create the very conditions that enable people to throw off the shackles of social norms and spread their wings in total freedom," writes Editor Benjamin Wolbergs in the introduction to the volume. "This book celebrates the exploration of gender identity in all its fluidity and explores perceptions and alternative ideals of beauty. For the photographers represented in this book, working on the margins opens up unique opportunities."

304 pages, hardcover, $65. www.GingkoPress.com