Dash-ing fun: gay noir comic released

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Monday October 19, 2020
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'Dash,' the new graphic novel from Northwest Press
'Dash,' the new graphic novel from Northwest Press

Dash, the new noir-themed graphic novel from Northwest Press made its debut last week. Written by Dave Ebersole, artwork by Delia Gable, Vinnie Rico and Sean Von Gorman, with Tana Ford's cover art, the work is a collaborative effort with a singular story, The Case of The Mysterious Zita Makara, plus some extra shorter tales.

Described as "a love letter to pulp ... but a critique as well," writes Steve Orlando in the introduction, Dash offers a classic mystery story with a modern take. Because, with all its classic mystery intrigue, it's gay, queer, bi and made by queer artists.

The tale begins with the classic 'Dame in a private detective's office' trope, but quickly moves on in a jaunty tone as Dash Malone meets up with his 'on-again, off-again lover,' Johnny "Pink" Pinketts in a park.

When Zita is tied to the scene of a murder, Dash begins to see that the seemingly unrelated parts of his life are connected in ways he never anticipated. The pieces to a much larger puzzle come into focus that could spell the end for Dash and everyone involved.

Malone's hunt for clues about the mysterious Miss Makara is aided by Cindy, his sassy secretary. With a clue at the murder scene, Malone sets his sights on an exhibit of ancient Egyptian relics. Things take a supernatural turn that we won't spoil here.

The six-part story is followed by a few short episodes. Among the best visuals are Vinnie Rico's Egyptian adventure chapters.

Suffice it to say that comic and graphic novel fans will enjoy the latest project from Northwest Press. The 232-page paperback lists for $25 ($15 digital download available now), and will be in stores December 2.


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