Win Mixter's bus posters celebrate 50 years of Pride

  • by Jim Provenzano, Editor, BARtab
  • Friday June 26, 2020
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Win Mixter's bold Pride history posters line Market Street bus stops
Win Mixter's bold Pride history posters line Market Street bus stops

Whether you're planning to participate in the June 28 march or watch online events, a stroll or ride up or down Market Street is worthwhile to take in artist Win Mixter's series of Pride history works on multiple bus stops.

"Recognizing 18 unique people, places, and protests from pre-Stonewall through modern day in a series of black and white drawings, the project aims to re-center the narrative of our annual June Pride celebrations away from rainbow capitalism to its original principles of resistance, rebellion, and radical self-expression," said Mixter in a press statement. "With in-person Pride celebrations cancelled around the world this year and a surge in anti-racist revolutionary activity, it's a more important time than ever to think about what Pride means."

The drawings, installed in Muni bus kiosks along Market Street, will be up through August 31.

"The Arts Commission is thrilled to showcase the richness of San Francisco's queer history through Win Mixter's poster series," said Acting Director of Cultural Affairs Rebekah Krell. "Our city has a legacy of activism and we are a world leader in advancing LGBTQ civil rights. Every year we honor the struggles and celebrate the achievements of our diverse queer community during Pride Month. Mixter's tribute does both beautifully."

If you plan on staying in, you can enjoy this lengthy video documenting the multiple historic events that inspired Mixter.

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