Marcus does Manhattan

  • by Mister Marcus
  • Monday October 6, 2008
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Autumn in New York. It's a good time to visit the Big Apple and savor the splendors of one of the world's greatest cities. Yours truly was there to help celebrate the 38th anniversary of the legendary New York Eagle bar and to judge the Mr. New York Eagle Leather contest.

I was ensconced in a dizzyingly beautiful Upper West Side Hotel. There were vendors selling chestnuts on an open fire and busy New Yorkers walking an unbelievable variety of exotic dogs and pushing baby carriages along the avenues of adventure.

Five men decided to go for the title. The meet and greet on Friday night, October 3, saw a packed house of revelers gobbling up a vast array of foods, fruit, veggies, and other goodies and then the introduction of the men who would represent the NY Eagle at International Mr. Leather 2009 next May in Chicago. They were Steve Arzt, Michael Colon, Jake "The Barber" Keary, Brett Larson, and Matt McFarland.

On Saturday afternoon, they faced judges "Doc" Hoskins, Peter Schwartz (outgoing Mr. NY Eagle), Michael Marino, Teddy O'Rourke, and myself in the interviews and later, onstage categories.

If you think Donna Sachet and Lenny Broberg together emceeing an event and tossing acerbic quips at various personalities during an event is outrageous, you have yet to be a witness to the emcee-manship of Brian Kent, Mr. Eagle NY 2004, who wasted no time laying out everyone who is/was anyone. Oh, that child has an acid tongue and no one was spared. All in good fun, of course!

The Eagle was absolutely jammed to the rafters with people of the leather persuasion who were there to cheer on their favorite contestants while Susan Weinstein had the dubious chore of translating various sexual acts of the contestants into sign language. Christophe Andre (Mr. Eagle NY 2006) was the tally master and Hillary Williams was the Den Daddy. Contest producer Vern Stewart managed to gather up an efficient and dedicated crew to assure a successful competition.

First runner-up in the Mr. NY Eagle Leather contest Michael Colon, wowed the crowd with his dynamic smile and outgoing personality.

With Kent literally igniting the audience into a frenzy with his wicked quips, the contest moved through the various categories with a lot of laughs and seriousness that kept the crowd intent on the proceedings. It was definitely a night to remember. Prizes valued at close to $3,000 were awarded to the winner who turned out to be Keary, a distinguished gentleman covered with exotic tattoos who had a huge array of fans cheering him on. The first runner-up was Colon, a physique trainer with dashing Latin looks. The second runner-up was Larson, a man with a pleasant demeanor and a friendly smile.

The Eagle patrons erupted into wild applause as the winners were announced. I never saw so many paparazzi on hand to capture digital images of a bar contest, yet there it was �" a crush eager to record the moment. It was truly a night to remember and as cheers echoed through the canyons of Manhattan, another name was added to IML 2009 roster of contenders. It's only October, but the men who will be competing in Chicago next May look very challenging indeed.

In Palm Springs this past weekend, the Mr. Barracks Leather contest was held with Gary Iriza stepping aside from that title. But at my deadline, I had no report as to who won. Maybe next week?

Welcoming the troops

San Francisco will welcome another invasion of leather folk this weekend as contestants vying for the International Leather Sir and boy and Community Bootblack are here even as you read this. There are boot blacks, workshops, keynote speaker Race Bannon, and a host of leather fans here again to witness yet another competition. All is in readiness at the Hotel Whitcomb at 8th and Market streets, and volunteers galore have offered their help, expertise, and good intentions to welcome the return of a leather competition weekend that was formerly International Mr. Drummer and Drummer boy. The boot black title was added under the regime of Mike Zuhl, who created these titles. Since Drummer the magazine is still owned by some "dogs in the manger" in Amsterdam and the magazine is no longer being published, we are obliged to go with International Leather Sir and boy these days.

IML Gary Iriza (L.) stepped aside from his Mr. Barracks Leather 2008 title last Sat., Oct. 4 and passed the title and sash to his successor Mr. Barracks Leather 2008 Jeff Hocker. Mr. Hocker advances to compete for the Mr. Palm Springs Leather title in November. (photo: Don Thompson)

As the days dwindle down and the year 2009 is only a couple months away, there is plenty to look forward to in the way of weekend events, fundraisers, hopeful candidates for leather titles, and the holiday season. Indeed, the next few weeks look promising.

And while I'm at it, be advised that the Mr. Ottawa Leather contest in the maple leaf land's capital has not �"repeat, has not�" been canceled. My apologies to all concerned. It takes place the weekend of October 24-26, Always a fun time in Ottawa.

The Mr. and Ms. New Jersey Leather contest takes place the weekend of October 17-19 in Asbury Park; Mr. Old Dominion Leather is at Freddie's Beach Bar in Arlington, Virginia on Saturday, October 25, and Mr. International Rubber in Chicago is the weekend of November 7-9 in Tampa, Florida, Pedro Diaz steps aside from his Mr. Gulf Coast Leather title the same weekend.

Former Mr. NY Eagle 2004 Brian Kent MC'd this year's Mr. Eagle Leather contest last Sat., Oct. 4 and had the audience in stitches with his outrageous dishing of various

New Yorkers and others in the audience. It was an absolute hoot!

And of course, the first biggie of 2009 is the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend by the Centaur MC. You are advised that it's the same weekend of the inauguration of our new president. I trust you have all registered to vote not only on the national issues, but no on Proposition 8! Remember, united we stand, divided �" God save the Queens!

Eventures in Leather, Oct. 10 �" 26. 2008

Oct. 10-12

International Leather Sir/boy & Community Bootblack competition at the Whitcomb Hotel all weekend. Workshops, vendors, contestants, BDSM people and fun. Meet and Greet on Friday at the Powerhouse; contest at the host hotel; victory party at Chaps II. Race Bannon the keynote speaker. What more could you ask for?

15th Annual Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley takes place in the dry regions of California and a visit to Zabriskie Point.

Saturday, Oct. 11

Annie Romano's annual "Butch Revue" at the Hole in San Diego tonight, featuring our own B.C. Cliver, male belly dancers and talent galore!

Mr. and Ms. New York Leather contest in Manhattan; no details at my deadline.

Oct. 17-19

Mr. Old Dominion Leather contest in Arlington, Virginia. The contest is at Freddie's Beach Bar. Winner advances to compete at the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest in Washington, DC in January.

Mr. and Ms. New Jersey Leather contests in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Male winner also advances to compete at Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather in January and female winner has options.

20th Oklahoma Mr. Leather contest at Angles Event Center in Oklahoma City with Dan Noel MC'ing.  

Saturday, Oct. 18

Alameda County Leather Corps celebrates an anniversary tonight at the Turf Club in Hayward with a no-host bar from 1800 to 1900; dinner from 1900 to 2000 followed by awards presentation and presentation of new officers. Be there!

October 24-26

Mr. Leather Ottawa contest in Canada's capital and in Cincinnati, it's the Pheerfest Weekend.