Online extra: Puerto Vallarta nightlife fundraisers features drag acts, celebrities

  • Wednesday May 20, 2020
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Online extra: Puerto Vallarta nightlife fundraisers features drag acts, celebrities

Puerto Vallarta has long been a fun vacation spot for Bay Area folks, so Brian Kent Productions and Vallarta Pride will cohost 'PV STRONG,' a live-streamed YouTube and Facebook event to benefit the Puerto Vallarta Nightlife Relief Fund on Saturday, May 23.

Said organizers, "With so many in the Vallarta LGBTQ nightlife community experiencing financial hardships because of bar and nightclub closures in light of the COVID19 pandemic, we're taking Vallarta Pride into your living rooms to raise money for over 150 nightlife workers in need. PV Strong is the only Official Vallarta Pride event happening in lieu of originally planned 2020 events that have been cancelled."

Performers and speakers include Varla Jean Merman, Sutton Lee Seymour, Shangela, Eliad Cohen, Ross Matthews, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Debby Holiday, Beth Sacks, Sherry Vine, David Hernandez, Effie Passero, Kim Kuzma, Nina Flowers, Valentina, Amy Armstrong, Miss Conception, Mama Tits, Chi Chi Rones, David Maiocco As Liberace, Lady Zen, Mark Hartman, Kinsey Sicks, Hedda Lettuce, Tonny Kenneth, Marti Cummings, Gouda Gabor, Cacophony Daniels, Levi Kreis, an other talents.

The first campaign will benefit the staff of La Noche, Reinas, Garbo, Mantamar, Blondies, Los Otros Blondies, WET, The Top, Margarita Bar, and Mr Flamingos All funds will be given to the employees of those establishments directly.

Each donation level includes gifts for patrons, from dinner for two at $25, to a four-nights stay at Almar Resort (based on availability/non holiday dates).



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