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Fighting for justice

Illustration: Diego Gomez
Illustration: Diego Gomez  

We commissioned this cover illustration long before the tragic events in Orlando, but it seems fitting that it shows our community fighting for its life. Whether breaking the bonds of incarceration, seeking accountability from law enforcement, or trying to raise a family in one of the most expensive regions in the country, our LGBT brothers and sisters have to do all that and mourn the recent loss of 49 lives in the Pulse nightclub shooting. It doesn't seem fair that this happened during Pride Month, but life rarely is.

The drawing, by "hella queer" illustrator Diego Gomez, seeks to reflect this year's San Francisco Pride theme, "For Racial and Economic Justice." Gomez is a native San Franciscan who is also known as Trangela Lansbury. His work has been used by Tweaker.org and can be seen in the comic books Glamazonia and The ALPHABET: LGBTQAI Anthology. He is currently writing and illustrating his civil rights comic EX-MEN '63: The Feminine Mystique.

The stories inside this special Pride section feature the various parade grand marshals and other honorees. They reflect the broad spectrum of our community and include groups working on racial and economic issues, HIV/AIDS awareness, and taking care of one's self. Each is being recognized for their contributions to the LGBT community. We also take a look at the city's homeless crisis through its shelters and single-room-occupancy hotels, in advance of our participation with over 60 media outlets next week in the SF Homeless Project.

In the news section, you'll find all that you need to know about the Trans March, Dyke March, and of course, the Pride parade and festival.

The Arts and Culture section includes Frameline film festival coverage.

For nightlife and events, BARtab includes expanded listings of notable LGBTQ events.

Last year at this time, we were anticipating the U.S. Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision. This year, we're grieving. But through good news and bad, the LGBT community is resilient. We will keep fighting for equality. We will keep working to overturn homophobic and transphobic laws. We will keep marching with Pride, even if we have to do it through tears.







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