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Letters to the editor

Leno for mayor
As a gay man having lived for 63 years in San Francisco, I am excited to know we have an honest, qualified gay man running for mayor of San Francisco: Mark Leno. I support Leno 100 percent and ask for your vote. Mark Leno for mayor.

James (Robbie) Robinson
San Francisco

Leno all the way
I have noticed that with an election coming up, various political animals with various political agendas are writing letters to the editor telling people how to vote. I find this preposterous. The vast majority of people in this community already know how to vote. We have already learned the essential political lesson at the knee of Harvey Milk: that is, to increase LGBT pride, power, and visibility (the same reasons the newspaper you're reading was originated): it is necessary to vote our own into political office, not our "friends."

So, please vote. Exercise your power. And finally, don't worry about putting the LGBT candidate in second or third place. Straights always manage to take care of that.

Steve Evers
San Francisco


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