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Pink triangle patch turns green

by BAR staff

Photo: Jerry Thornhill
Photo: Jerry Thornhill  

Reader Jerry Thornhill snapped this photo of a green patch where the annual pink triangle is installed atop Twin Peaks each June. He wanted to know what happened. The Bay Area Reporter reached out to the San Francisco Department of Recreation and Parks for an answer.

Spokeswoman Tamara Barak Aparton explained in an email, "The green triangle is the result of the pink triangle installation. In order to install the pink triangle, the shrubs are cut back to the edges of the triangle."

While in place, the pink triangle acts as a tarp, noted Aparton, and suppresses the growth of the plants under it.

"Those conditions result in bare/sparsely vegetated soil, which is ideal habitat for grasses to grow in. The green triangle is the fresh new growth of annual grasses," she wrote. "This happens every year, with this year's rains perhaps resulting in more grasses than a typical or drought year."

Thornhill took the photo March 24 from Romain Street near Grand View Avenue.

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