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Chronicle columnist is great

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Chronicle columnist is great

While I found myself in agreement with the gist of your editorial about the San Francisco Chronicle's coverage of out public figures, I was shocked to see your use of Beth Spotswood's column about me as a further example ["The Chronicle's gay problem," Editorial, May 25]. First of all you make it sound as if Spotswood chose the word "partner" over "husband," when in fact I am sure she just accurately reported what I said. Yes, I am aware of the difference between partner and husband and you are correct that Fernando is my husband. However, sometimes I still find myself referring to him as my partner because we were partners for longer than we have been husbands and sometimes old habits are hard to break.

So, while I accept full responsibility and apologize for any offense my inaccurate use of words may have caused, I also apologize to Spotswood for making you doubt that she is anything but a fair, sensitive, and accurate reporter. She is a great writer whose stories of everyday San Franciscans are well worth reading because they provide an incredible commentary on a wide variety of people in our city.

Bill Wilson
San Francisco


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