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By Alex Madison | October 17, 2018

Homelessness has been one of the most talked about issues leading up to the November 6 election in San Francisco, and one of the most contentious issues voters will determine is Proposition C, dubbed "Our City, Our Home" by supporters.

By Mark Segal | October 17, 2018

Each of us who were at Stonewall has a different view of the event, which will turn 50 next year.

By Graham Brunk | October 17, 2018

Emma Jones was one of the greatest LGBT allies in the 1960s in northern Florida. Too bad she didn't actually exist.

By Heather Cassell | October 17, 2018

Ugandan LGBT activists have been on edge this year.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | October 17, 2018

Other than the act itself, perhaps the most disgraceful aspect of the internment of Japanese-Americans in the Bay Area and elsewhere by the federal government in 1942 was the fact that most who were not of Japanese ancestry did nothing to protest.

By Paul Berge | October 17, 2018

This week's editorial cartoon.

By BAR staff | October 17, 2018

This week's letters to the editor.

By Roger Brigham | October 17, 2018

Rare are the star athletes who go on to post-playing stints that are just as brilliant as their first careers.

By Matthew S. Bajko | October 17, 2018

San Francisco historic preservation officials have signed off on granting city landmark status to a property in North Beach once home to several LGBT restaurants, most famously that of the Paper Doll.

By Brian Bromberger | October 17, 2018

Perhaps the best way to characterize Camille Beredjick is atheism with a smile.

By Cynthia Laird | October 17, 2018

Jill Soloway, the creator of Amazon's "Transparent" TV show, will be in San Francisco next week to promote their new book, "She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy."

By Liz Highleyman | October 17, 2018

A San Francisco man is the sixth known case of PrEP failure despite consistent use of Truvada, researchers from the Department of Public Health and UCSF reported at the IDWeek conference held in San Francisco earlier this month.

Viewing 13 thru 24 of 1876 Stories