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By Lisa Keen | October 16, 2019

U.S. Supreme Court observers are more reluctant than usual to try and predict how the court might come down on the always hot-button issue of LGBT rights.

By Lisa Keen | October 14, 2019

Our national correspondent provides an analysis of the recent LGBTQ town hall for Democratic presidential candidates.

By Sari Staver | October 9, 2019

Rachel Maddow wowed a sold-out audience at the Sydney Goldstein Theater Sunday during a City Arts and Lectures onstage conversation with former Obama senior aide Dan Pfeiffer.

By Lisa Keen | October 8, 2019

After a historic hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, LGBT legal advocates voiced optimism that a majority of the justices would rule in favor of LGBT workplace protections.

By Scott Stiffler | October 8, 2019

Many are happy to stand in line for what they serve at Starbucks — but the global coffee conglomerate has left LGBT media standing at the altar.

By Mark Segal | October 8, 2019

As part of our LGBTQ History Month coverage, Philadelphia Gay News, our partner publication, interviewed gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

By John Ferrannini | October 8, 2019

Leaders of the transgender community published an open letter to the Human Rights Campaign last week, protesting the national LGBT rights organization's announcement of a new "framework" to fight for trans rights.

By Lisa Keen | September 21, 2019

Several Democratic candidates seemed to throw President Barack Obama under the metaphorical bus Friday night, as they sought to illustrate how they didn't take as long as other Democrats to "evolve" on LGBT issues.

By Lisa Keen | September 18, 2019

The Arizona Supreme Court September 16 ruled that a business can — under certain circumstances — cite the business owner's religious beliefs to claim an exemption from a city human rights ordinance.

By Lisa Keen | September 9, 2019

LGBT voters: Mark your calendars. Over the next month, there will be four Democratic presidential candidate forums — two of them devoted exclusively to LGBT issues.

By Lisa Keen | August 21, 2019

This may not be a surprise, but it is news: Gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has outraised his Democratic competitors in most heavily LGBT neighborhoods around the country.

By Lisa Keen | August 19, 2019

Log Cabin Republicans, the national gay Republican group, made a big splash August 15 when it published an opinion piece in the Washington Post announcing its decision to endorse President Donald Trump for re-election.

Viewing 25 thru 36 of 122 Stories