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Online Extra: Man robbed near Dolores Park, police say

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Online Extra: Man robbed near Dolores Park, police say

San Francisco police said that a man was knocked unconscious and robbed at around 8 p.m. Saturday, November 9, at 22nd and Dolores streets — just blocks from Mission Dolores Park.

A November 11 post on the social media website Nextdoor alleges that homophobic slurs were yelled at the victim during the attack.

According to the San Francisco Police Department's daily recap, the man was attacked by two suspects. He was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries and his wallet was missing, according to the report.

A woman on Nextdoor claiming to be a friend of the victim was inquiring if anyone around the area had security camera footage. The social media site allows neighbors to talk about community issues.

She wrote her friend was "really badly busted up, nose broken." The only thing her friend remembered about the suspects was that they were white men "on foot, maybe lurking in the shadows."

The Bay Area Reporter will update this story if more information becomes available.


  • Anonymous, 2019-11-14 19:58:19

    Sadly this is just another example of the one time gem of California, San Francisco becoming more and more of a dangerous, overpriced lawless CRAP HOLE. Sadly, the police will call this a ’low priority’ crime and won’t do a damned thing about it Incidents like this along with the never ending homeless crisis and all the other quality of life issues are driving more and more of us out of San Francisco. as it becomes more and more unlivable and basically no longer worth it And the real surprise and hoping for real changes , the voters just gave the incumbent ’non contributors’ in City Hall another term to give us more lip service, silent treatment, the blow off and BS. You’d think after years of this, folks here would have gotten smarter over the years and gotten rid of these politicians that do nothing to improve living conditions here and take home huge paychecks while flipping the ’finger’ to the overtaxed residents who deserve and demand better. Evidently the residents of San Francisco haven’t had their fill of demise and sadly, it shows!

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