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By Christina A. DiEdoardo | March 6, 2019

Before the weeklong Oakland teachers strike formally ended Sunday night with teachers ratifying a new contract, members of the Oakland Education Association marked the fourth day on the picket line against the school district by focusing on a school.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | February 20, 2019

While much of the city was rushing for last-minute gifts on a rainy Valentine's Day, a small group of activists with Pangea Legal Services showed up to support Aida Carolina Andrade-Amaya, who has been in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | February 6, 2019

It's strange to be writing about the latest round in a fight that has gone on for 50 years (and that originally began when I was 2 months old), but that seems to be the nature of any story about People's Park in Berkeley.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | January 30, 2019

For the last couple of years, I have spent a lot of time warning of the dangers to come. Now I no longer have to. Because, you see, the danger is here.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | January 23, 2019

To its defenders, Manny's — a cafe, bookstore, and self-described "civic social gathering space" (whatever that means) — is the best thing to hit the Mission since Hillary Clinton.

By Belo Cipriani | January 16, 2019

Some people prefer to communicate with words, while others find images more telling. For gay San Francisco resident Kurt Schwartzmann, drawing has always been a way to share his thoughts with the world.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | January 16, 2019

With it being a new year, I wanted to share a gentle suggestion or two. Maybe you can tack these on to the end of a list of your resolutions.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | January 9, 2019

While 2019 marks the third — and hopefully final — act of the current regime in Washington, like any good theatrical villain, it shows little inclination to go quietly or easily.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | January 2, 2019

It amazes me how so many seem to view the notion of transgender people as if they were something that magically winked into existence just five years ago.

By Sari Staver | December 28, 2018

Cannabis activists are outraged that online websites, including Craigslist and Facebook, are censoring posts related to pot.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | December 26, 2018

On the longest night of the year, about 400 people gathered at United Nations Plaza in Civic Center to remember the names and honor the lives of some of the most forgotten people in San Francisco — the homeless who die each year on the city's streets.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | December 19, 2018

So, once again, we reach the closing of another year.

Viewing 25 thru 36 of 55 Stories