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By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | March 25, 2020

Some people think that being transgender is a mere choice, just a bunch of people who — apologies to my non-trans female siblings — just want to wear a dress and makeup and call themselves women.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | March 11, 2020

Across the country, right now, state legislators continue pushing bills that seek to legislate transgender lives.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | February 26, 2020

I recently discussed some of the many bills making their way through statehouses this year, attempting to curtail, or even criminalize, transgender care.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | February 12, 2020

In statehouses around the country, the 2020 legislative sessions have fired up — and with them, several bills have been introduced to curtail the rights of transgender people.

By Sari Staver | February 5, 2020

A year after selling Hip Chick Farms, their multimillion-dollar natural foods company, two Bay Area lesbians moved to a 10-acre lavender farm in Oregon to build what they hope will be their next successful startup: a CBD snack business.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | January 29, 2020

While I typically write about trans issues, this particular column will not start with a story about a transgender or nonbinary person. Rather, it begins with a story about hair. Specifically, DeAndre Arnold's hair.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | January 15, 2020

I want to take a moment to primarily speak to those who may be questioning whether they may be trans or nonbinary themselves, or are still fairly new to the potential transitions. Don't worry, if that isn't you, you're still welcome to read on.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | December 30, 2019

As you read this, we are ushering in 2020, and while we can debate if this is the start of a new decade, or just the beginning of the "20s," it seems all-too-clear that we live in some very challenging times.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | December 18, 2019

Christmas lights used to be wired in such a way that if one bulb perished, the whole string would fail to light up. You had to go, bulb by bulb, trying to find that one filament that had given up the ghost.

By Roger Brigham | December 18, 2019

Two years ago, I wrote a facetious JockTalk column that said the best holiday gift the collective sports world could get would be a moral compass. This year I think our sports world could use a spine.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | December 4, 2019

Transphobia, like homophobia, isn't generally using the suffix "-phobia" to mean "fear," but to mean "aversion." It's the same notion as hydrophobic surfaces refer to their ability to repel water.

By Sari Staver | December 4, 2019

From $5 stocking stuffer socks to $175 edible-making machines, you'll have no trouble finding gifts for the cannabis aficionado in your life this holiday season.

Viewing 13 thru 24 of 70 Stories