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Letters to the editor

by BAR staff

Letters to the editor

Didn't mind police presence in Castro
I disagree with the writer's point of view in the "Common sense missing in Castro" letter [July 11] regarding Pride Saturday evening.

First, I would say that Castro Street is a major north-south thoroughfare, made even more challenging by the recent narrowing of the street. And, since San Francisco claims to be a "Transit First" city, any closure affects the 24-Divisadero Muni line.

Second, what's wrong with police presence? I read no reports of any incidents that night, so it would appear that their presence had the desired effect. Someone needs to protect us from the bridge-and-tunnel thugs who like to cause trouble at these events.

And, I say that the only people who fear the police are those who have something to be afraid of.

Ed Rose
San Francisco

Farewell to Castro eatery
So sorry to hear the Eureka Restaurant and Lounge closed. I hope someone takes over and maintains the upper East Side ambiance of the wonderful bar upstairs. The Castro needs a classy sit-down bar in a gorgeous setting. Plus their happy hour was terrific.

George Knuepfel
San Francisco

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