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18 August 2019


Online Extra: Political Notes: LGBT group to seek censure of CA Senate candidate

LATEST NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Aug 16

Equality California plans to call on the California Democratic Party to censure a state Senate candidate for what it considers to be homophobic campaign tactics, the Bay Area Reporter has learned.

Online Extra: Pelosi assails new Labor Dept. proposal that would allow federal contractors to discriminate

NEWS | By Cynthia Laird | Aug 15

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) on Wednesday blasted a Trump administration proposal out of the Labor Department that would allow federal contractors to discriminate against LGBTQs.

Online Extra: Breed, Herrera send joint letter urging HHS to withdraw proposed rule on ACA

LATEST NEWS | By Cynthia Laird | Aug 15

SF mayor, city attorney oppose proposed rule by Trump administration that they say would cause harm to the trans community and others.

Scant details 1 year after Egg's death

CRIME | By Ed Walsh | Aug 14

On the one-year anniversary of the grisly discovery of Brian Egg's headless torso in a fish tank in his South of Market home, no one has been prosecuted for the homicide.

FDA panel recommends new PrEP for some

NEWS | By Liz Highleyman | Aug 14

A new HIV prevention option works well for gay and bisexual men and transgender women and should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for these populations, according to an expert advisory committee.

Editorial: When workouts don't work out

NEWS | By BAR Editorial Board | Aug 14

Now spin classes and luxe fitness centers have joined the list of politically toxic companies.

Political Notebook: Gay SF treasurer runs unopposed

NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Aug 14

San Francisco's only LGBT citywide municipal officeholder is all but assured of re-election this year, as Treasurer-Tax Collector José Cisneros is once again running unopposed. Cisneros, 63, is seeking a fourth four-year term.

Hungarians upset with gay Coke ad

NEWS | By Heather Cassell | Aug 14

An advertising campaign, "Love is Love," launched by the Coca-Cola Company ahead of a progressive music festival in Budapest, Hungary last week has led to political leaders calling for a boycott of the global soft drink company.

Historic plaques unveiled

NEWS | By BAR staff | Aug 14

Eight new plaques were unveiled in the Castro last week as part of the Rainbow Honor Walk.

Arts & Culture

Arts Events Aug 15-22, 2019

ARTS EVENTS | By Events Editor | Aug 14

Curtain up, light the lights. We've got artistic thrills and delights.

Playful movement with Garrett + Moulton

DANCE | By Paul Parish | Aug 13

Garrett + Moulton Productions wowed us last Friday night. Their show packed the theater at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; the audience left exhilarated.

Short life, long resume: 'Love, Antosha'

MOVIES | By David Lamble | Aug 13

"Love, Antosha" presents a deeply moving portrait of the extraordinary life and death of Russian-American film actor Anton Yelchin.

Tonal tightrope in 'House of Joy'

THEATER | By Jim Gladstone | Aug 13

Audiences attending "House of Joy," opening at the California Shakespeare Theater this week, can expect swashbuckling action, eye-pleasing pageantry and old-time theatrical thrills.

Two LGBTQ authors in the mix: Jim Provenzano & Meg Elison

BOOKS | By Roberto Friedman | Aug 13

Right now Out There is working alongside two colleagues who also moonlight as well-read gay authors.

Courtships aboard the Quarterdeck

MUSIC | By Philip Campbell | Aug 13

"H.M.S. Pinafore" sailed into Walnut Creek earlier this month, beginning a run of four weekend dockings in the Bay Area. San Francisco's famous Lamplighters Music Theatre raises the mainsail on Gilbert & Sullivan's perennial favorite.


SF Slam XI @ El Toro

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Steven Underhill | Aug 14

Baby-face hunks, lucha libre bears, gay heroes and hilarious heels flew in and out of the ring at the eleventh SF Slam/Wrestling For Charity, the pro wrestling night and fundraiser held at El Toro nightclub on August 8.

Nightlife Events Aug.15-22, 2019

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Events Editor | Aug 14

'Whadda you wanna do, Marty?' 'I dunno, whadda you wanna do?' Your queries have been answered.

Frank Schumacher memorial @ The Edge

BARS | By Mark Abramson | Aug 12

San Francisco bars often serve as more than a space for drinks and entertainment, but also for community gatherings. On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, August 11, two crowds gathered to wish their loved-ones Godspeed.

Drag performers seek fair pay

NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Aug 7

What is a drag performer or performance worth? The question is at the heart of a movement, still in its infancy, to set a minimum booking fee for drag queens and kings in the Bay Area.

Leather: Collective Compersion - Expanding our erotic lexicon

SEXUALITY | By Race Bannon | Aug 7

It seems that every day the word compersion makes its way further into daily discourse. While its usage is by no means pervasively common, at least not yet, I've noticed it being uttered verbally or in print much more often lately.

Nightlife Events Aug. 8-15, 2019

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Events Editor | Aug 7

Celebrate summer's end with fog and fun, in or out of bars and nightclubs.