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New details emerge in 2016 SF restroom fight

by Seth Hemmelgarn

Tanesh Nutall. Photo: Courtesy TLC
Tanesh Nutall. Photo: Courtesy TLC  

A police report filed by the former San Francisco worker accused by a transgender woman of blocking her from a women's bathroom in 2016 reveals new details.

Tanesh Nutall, 52, recently filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against the city, the Department of Police Accountability, and others, claiming that Mary Ivas, a longtime investigator with the Office of Citizen Complaints, had referred to her as "a fucking man" and "a fucking freak."

But in a police report filed just after the incident, Ivas "was visibly upset" and told Officer Alexandra Medina "I feel like I've been assaulted," Medina wrote in the February 18, 2016 report.

Ivas said that she'd gone to use a restroom at 25 Van Ness Avenue, where the DPA is headquartered, and the restroom required a key code to enter. She said that she "was stepping into the restroom when an unknown black male," who was later identified as Nutall, "began running toward her" and asked her to hold the door open.

Ivas, thinking that Nutall "was a male in women's clothing," responded by saying, "No, this is a women's bathroom" and shut the door, the report says.

When Ivas left the bathroom, Nutall was outside with another person and yelled at Ivas, "You called me a freak!"

Ivas reported that "she felt threatened" because both Nutall and Natalie Thoreson, the other person present, "were physically large people in her personal space, and yelling at her."

She said that she told Nutall, "I never called you a freak. I told you it was a women's bathroom." Ivas then walked "quickly" away from the pair toward the DPA office, but the two "followed very closely behind her, and she was scared."

As she started opening the office door, "she felt two hands on her back physically pushing her forward" into the room, the police report says.

Ivas told Nutall and Thoreson to leave, but Nutall demanded her name. Other DPA investigators came out of their offices, and the agency's deputy director, who'd heard the commotion, got Nutall and Thoreson to leave the office.

Ivas, who wasn't injured, hasn't responded to the B.A.R.'s interview requests. The paper obtained her police report through a public records request.

Nutall did not respond to a request for comment.

The Office of Citizen Complaints was renamed the Department of Police Accountability in November 2016.


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