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8 Tips to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy Under a Wig

by SPONSORED CONTENT | Advertising Department

8 Tips to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy Under a Wig

8 Tips to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy Under a Wig

With new seasons come new trends, and you might be wondering what the new hair color styles will be. But while you do that, you might also want to find a way to try out those new colors without damaging your natural hair.

The best way to try out new hair colors and protect your natural hair is by wearing wigs or weaves. You can easily find a beautiful wig that can be styled and dyed, but you should know all about wig prices and qualities before committing.

Since you are wearing a wig to try styles and protect your natural hair from damage, remember that sometimes it can have the opposite effect. If you don't properly care of your real hair, then you might have to wear wigs for a different reason.

To help you flaunt new hairstyles and colors this season and every other from now on, here are eight vital tips to keep your real hair healthy.

Regularly Massage Your Scalp

You might wear the wigs quite tightly on your head, but you may not realize that it can restrict blood flow to your scalp. Since your hair needs plenty of nutrients to stay healthy, they need plenty of blood. Otherwise, you might have dandruff or dry scalp.

To counter the measure of the tightly worn wig, you need to massage your scalp regularly. When you properly massage the scalp, it promotes healthy blood flow, and it also encourages hair growth.

But how much is regularly? You can massage every time you take off a wig.

Allow Your Hair to Breathe

A significant problem with wearing wigs is that they don't allow much air to get to your hair. That is why you need to let your hair breathe every once in a while.

That is why you must take a few days off and flaunt your natural hair, give them a healthy dose of sunshine and air.

Sleep Freely

Unless you don't already plan on doing this, you need to take your wig off before going to sleep. Otherwise, the wig can cause tension in your hair and cause the strands to break.

Especially if your wig is sewn in, you might be tempted to simply hop on your bed after a long day and just sleep.
You need to give your hair some time to breathe overnight and take off your wig carefully. This can be incredibly beneficial for your natural hair in the long run.

Wash Your Natural Hair

It may seem very obvious, but many women seem to forget to properly take care of the hair under the wig.

The products, friction, sweating, and the buildup can wreak havoc on your hair if it is not regularly taken care of with proper washing.

That is why you need to take time every couple of days and properly cleanse your hair with shampoo. Also, don't forget to get in there with the condition.

Your hair will be very grateful for it.

Don't Neglect the Split Ends

Just because you hide your hair with a wig most of the time doesn't mean that they don't need to be trimmed now and then.
You need to go to a stylist and let them take care of your damaged hair and split ends.

Also, trimming can promote growth and keep your hair healthy. That is why you need to trim your hair every seven to eight weeks.

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