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By Victoria A. Brownworth | August 1, 2018

After watching the final two episodes of "Pose" twice because we couldn't let go and because they were so pitch perfect, we were struck by how much we wanted more.

By Roberto Friedman | July 26, 2018

The audience for the opening night of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 38 at the Castro Theatre last Thursday night knew that they were in the presence of genius.

By Brian Bromberger | July 26, 2018

Logo-TV's latest documentary "Light in the Water" tells the untold story of a LA competitive swim team that became a force in the LGBTQ sports movement.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | July 18, 2018

To paraphrase Robert Browning, "Ah to be in England, now that Trump Baby is there."

By Victoria A. Brownworth | July 4, 2018

We thought we would be writing about new, neo-noir summer series, like HBO's "Sharp Objects" or FX's "The Sinner," debuting in July.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | June 27, 2018

Openly gay Leslie Jordan, beloved as queenie closet case Beverly Leslie on NBC's Will and Grace, returns to Feinstein's at The Nikko for a two-night run of raucous, autobiographical comedy.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | June 20, 2018

Every Pride we search for LGBT TV to make us feel more present for the non-LGBT viewers. Every Pride we want to be seen.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | June 6, 2018

There is no downtime during the Trump Administration. We keep waiting for it, the week where there's no news or even limited news, where the TV isn't abuzz with the latest "Wait, WHUT?"

By Victoria A. Brownworth | May 23, 2018

We do love weddings. We aren't fans of the monarchy and think the French and Russians got that one right, but we really do think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are beyond adorable.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | May 9, 2018

It's that time again: May brings not just flowers, but season and series finales. Season finales we can handle, but the series finales of shows we love? Hard, very hard.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | April 25, 2018

And now let us praise Famous Men. "Genius: Picasso," which premiered April 24, is spectacular. Where Nat Geo's "Einstein" at times felt like work and not a little punishing, "Picasso" is mesmerizing.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | April 11, 2018

There are only two more episodes, April 12 & 19, until the series finale of "Scandal," and we can't quite imagine the TV political landscape without it.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | March 28, 2018

If you're reading this, Trump hasn't blown up the planet.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | March 7, 2018

The Emmy-nominated and Tony-winning actor Alan Cumming, whom we were fortunate to see on stage in "Cabaret" 20 years ago, has always been willing to take risks in his acting and his life.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | March 5, 2018

Why do Dark Shadows fans hate so much?

By David-Elijah Nahmod | February 28, 2018

In "Dyke Central," Florencia Manovil's independently produced, serialized web series, three lesbians share a sun-drenched house in Oakland.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | February 21, 2018

We forget from the vantage point of 2018 what 1995 was like. We forget how hard it was to be gay and out.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | February 7, 2018

They're back! It's Winter Olympics time, and we are so very ready.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | January 24, 2018

We've waited a long time for a drama series as sumptuous, lush and intrinsically gay as FX's "The Assassination of Gianni Versace," season two of Ryan Murphy's "American Crime Story" anthology series.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | January 10, 2018

The new year has got off to a rollicking start.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | December 27, 2017

Watching queer TV as well as TV that centers women and people of color isn't just watching ourselves anymore. In the age of Trump it's a revolutionary act.

By Ernie Alderete | December 20, 2017

Australia keeps churning out quality TV programs, the latest being "Glitch," which has now completed its second season.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | December 13, 2017

There was little good to report on the tube.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | December 13, 2017

HBO will premiere "15: A Quinceanera Story - Zoey" on Tues., Dec. 19.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 29, 2017

When you're not hyper-socializing, it's time to just Netflix and chill, right?

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 15, 2017

GLAAD released their annual report for the 2017-18 season on LGBTQ representation on TV.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 1, 2017

Spoilers ahead, folks. It's been another hellish week in Trumplandia.

By Ronn Vigh | October 21, 2017

Comedian Julia Scotti brought me down memory lane as we talked about my home state of New Jersey, where the comic was during our phone interview.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | October 18, 2017

We do love CNN anchor Erin Burnett. She never fails to call out Trump.

By Brian Bromberger | October 17, 2017

I became a filmmaker on the day when my mother gave me a box of 8mm films she'd discovered in her garage in 2008.

Viewing 13 thru 42 of 341 Stories