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By Roberto Friedman | August 1, 2018

Madrona Manor is a lovely grand old house surrounded by eight acres of wooded and well-tended landscape and gardens in the hills above Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County.

By Events Editor | July 25, 2018

A flick of the wrist with a paint brush, a strong high note carries to the back row, and you're thrilled; arts events await your presence.

By Roberto Friedman | July 18, 2018

Joe Goode's new world premiere "Still Standing" led us through San Francisco's historic Haas-Lilienthal House during the course of the performance. It runs through Aug. 5 there.

By Sura Wood | July 18, 2018

Peter Hujar, now considered one of the greatest American photographers of the late 20th century, was living in poverty at the time of his death in 1987 from complications of AIDS.

By Events Editor | July 18, 2018

Summer arts events indoor, outdoor, under the moon or sun, help our world turn.

By Roberto Friedman | July 4, 2018

The touring production of "School of Rock" now playing the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco through July 22 is the perfect opportunity to bring your secret air-guitar moves out of the closet.

By Roberto Friedman | June 27, 2018

It's not often that one can take full measure of a wide swath of a concert artist's career, but Deutsche Grammophon affords just that opportunity with its release "Pogorelich - Complete Recordings."

By Roberto Friedman | June 20, 2018

Opening night at Frameline 42 was a rousing good kick-off to the film fest. Co-directors Fiona Dawson and Gabriel Silverman were in the house for the screening of their documentary "TransMilitary."

By Sura Wood | June 20, 2018

Here comes "Giants of Land and Sea," a new, semi-permanent show at the California Academy of Sciences.

By Roberto Friedman | June 6, 2018

June is bustin' out all over. LGBTQ Pride Month always brings with it a cornucopia of new books of special interest to our community.

By Roberto Friedman | May 30, 2018

Last week, the film-world powers-that-be at Frameline gave a kick-off press conference for Frameline42, the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival coming up this June 14-24.

By Roberto Friedman | May 23, 2018

Ask anyone who has ever tried improvisational theatre: a cardinal rule is always to say "yes" to whatever your improv partner has come up with during a scene.

By Roberto Friedman | May 16, 2018

Seeing the "Angels in America" revival at Berkeley Rep last month was among the most powerful theatre experiences Out There has ever had. It runs through July 22, and if you're interested in the American stage, you must see it.

By Roberto Friedman | April 18, 2018

All of a sudden we got really booked up! We don't remember when our datebook full of arts events went on overdrive, but it's been a while since we've caught up, Dear Reader, and in the interim Out There has been more out than in.

By Roberto Friedman | April 11, 2018

It's that time again when your old trusties at the Bay Area Reporter bestow the Besties, the reader's-choice LGBTQ Best of the Bay awards, for 2018.

By Roberto Friedman | April 4, 2018

As part of our ongoing quest to sample every cute little new boutique hotel that opens in San Francisco, Out There recently decamped to a two-night stay at the Hotel Zoe Fisherman's Wharf, ground zero in SF's primo tourist zone.

By Roberto Friedman | March 21, 2018

Out There is always reading print media. Newsprint on our fingers is just mother's milk to us. Here are a few keepers from recent media we'd like to share with you.

By Roberto Friedman | February 28, 2018

American performance artist Laurie Anderson is one of those rare geniuses whose talents span diverse fields - music, painting, sculpture, film, storytelling, even the invention of musical instruments.

By Roberto Friedman | February 14, 2018

It's been many a moon since the once-familiar name Marc Huestis has graced these gossipy pages.

By Roberto Friedman | February 7, 2018

Out There grew up reading cartoonist Charles M. Schulz's classic "Peanuts" comic strip.

By Roberto Friedman | January 31, 2018

San Francisco Playhouse's latest offering, "Born Yesterday," wasn't - penned recently, that is. Playwright Garson Kanin's comedy premiered on Broadway back in 1946.

By Michael Flanagan | January 21, 2018

There is a special kind of performer who is somewhat well known by the world at large, but held a special place in the heart of San Franciscans. The actor, comic and writer Michael Greer was one of these performers.

By Roberto Friedman | January 17, 2018

In his cover story in the January issue of Harper's magazine entitled "The Future of Queer - a manifesto," queer essayist/novelist Fenton Johnson argues that legalized gay marriage in the US has damaged our gay culture.

By Roberto Friedman | January 10, 2018

Here in the arts pages, our last few issues have explored the past year's offerings and the year to come in Bay Area culture. We pile it on with 12 more arts events coming soon to a Bay Area venue near you.

By | January 7, 2018

You've gone over your holiday gifts and while you may be content, you forgot to get a calendar full of hunky men. Here's your chance to indulge some beefcake viewing while helping a good cause.

By Roberto Friedman | December 13, 2017

Oh those press releases, they do pile up in Out There's old in-box!

By Roberto Friedman | December 6, 2017

The English singer-songwriter Seal is known for his international pop music and his smooth, mellifluous voice.

By Roberto Friedman | November 15, 2017

It's not unusual for Out There to spend five nights out of seven attending cultural events, as we did last week.

By Roberto Friedman | November 8, 2017

Out There is a reluctant poster boy for red/green color-blindness.

By John F. Karr | November 5, 2017

Boy, did I sell Dennis Bell short. Bell, the owner of the entire Athletic Model Guild catalogue, is the visionary founder of the Bob Mizer Foundation. His latest means of marketing invaluable archival material is to revive AMG's "Physique Pictorial."

Viewing 13 thru 42 of 323 Stories