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By Advertising Department | February 25, 2020

'INSIDE PRIDE', the official magazine of San Francisco Pride is now accepting space reservations.

By Tim Pfaff | February 11, 2020

Writing deeply informed reflections about classical music in language that engages the non-specialist, Stephen Hough's pieces are collected in "Rough Ideas: Reflections on Music and More" (FS&G).

By Roberto Friedman | February 11, 2020

We don't always get to read all the review copies of books that pile up on the Arts Desk. But here are a few representative passages from some new offerings that we have enjoyed.

By Jim Piechota | February 11, 2020

"Pet," Nigerian-born author Akwaeke Emezi's creatively exceptional sophomore effort and a finalist for a National Book Award, reflects a daring and surprising move to Young Adult territory.

By Tim Pfaff | February 4, 2020

When I read about Malcolm Tariq's new poetry collection "Heed the Hollow" (Graywolf Press), with three poems entitled "Malcolm Tariq's Black Bottom," I was there.

By Cornelius Washington | February 4, 2020

Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight in Penner, England, the only child of abusive parents.

By Cynthia Laird | January 29, 2020

This year marks the 10th annual Bay Area Reporter readers' poll, the Besties, and voting begins Thursday, January 30.

By Mark William Norby | January 28, 2020

The first appearance of the essay that shares this book's title, "The Criminal Child," is a rare work; the eight essays in this new collection were selected from Genet's finest essays and reflect the mind of a man deeply affected by early life.

By David Lamble | January 14, 2020

The publication of "Have You Seen This Man? The Castro Poems of Karl Tierney" re-introduces the long-silenced voice of a local writer.

By Roberto Friedman | January 14, 2020

A new "Jeeves" novel is always an event in Out There's reading life, even if it's not one written by P.G. Wodehouse.

By Gregg Shapiro | January 14, 2020

It doesn't matter if you have perfect vision or if you need to slip on a pair of reading glasses, the following books to be released in early 2020 deserve to have your eyes on them.

By Tavo Amador | January 14, 2020

Although the plot unfolds unhurriedly but engagingly, it's the characters in Michael Craft's "ChoirMaster" that shine.

Viewing 25 thru 36 of 1304 Stories