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Bay Area Reporter launches fundraising campaign

Bay Area Reporter launches fundraising campaign

San Francisco is one of 11 US cities that is fortunate to have a legacy LGBT publication by us, for us, and about us. Help preserve the BAR as an historic and important community institution for the future.

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By Brian Bromberger | March 25, 2020

'Bombshell," (just released on DVD) details the fall of Roger Ailes, the head of conservative cable Fox News, due to a sexual harassment lawsuit instigated by several star journalists working at the network.

By David Lamble | March 17, 2020

The new relationship comedy "Straight Up" pokes fun at an old situation: an effeminate gay man attempts to date women.

By Roberto Friedman | March 10, 2020

Last week Out There went to see filmmaker Mark Bosek's new documentary "The Times of Bill Cunningham," about the late New York Times street photographer of the same name.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | March 10, 2020

"Drag Becomes Her," a mad satire of the Meryl Streep/Goldie Hawn supernatural comedy "Death Becomes Her," promises to leave audiences in stitches.

By David Lamble | March 10, 2020

In this neglected minor classic, immortal director Billy Wilder asks, "Was Sherlock Holmes gay?"

By David Lamble | March 10, 2020

If fiendishly concocted escapism is what you hanker for right now, consider "The Burnt Orange Heresy," a highly entertaining new Italian melodrama opening Friday.

By Sura Wood | March 3, 2020

BAMPFA looks back at a studio's legacy with "Francis Ford Coppola and 50 Years of American Zoetrope," a two-part series that assembles films from 1963-2019 directed or supported by Coppola and the company he built.

By David Lamble | March 3, 2020

"Greed" (opening Friday), from British director Michael Winterbottom and comic actor Steve Coogan, has Coogan playing an arrogant, knighted textile importer.

By David Lamble | March 3, 2020

After the fireworks of the political season, the Castro Theatre offers a refreshing change of pace: a mix of contemporary and classic cinema, including tributes to Judy Garland and Kirk Douglas, who just left us at the exalted age of 103.

By David Lamble | February 25, 2020

In the opening frames of the fabulous rock-history memory piece "Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band," the one-time pretty boy and still quite handsome bandleader Robbie Robertson ruefully reflects on a human tragedy.

By Advertising Department | February 25, 2020

'INSIDE PRIDE', the official magazine of San Francisco Pride is now accepting space reservations.

By David Lamble | February 18, 2020

In "And Then We Danced," writer-director Levan Akin has fashioned a powerful, passionate love letter to young men everywhere, but particularly to those trapped in tradition-bound macho cultures.

Viewing 1 thru 12 of 2118 Stories