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Illustrated man: gay artist and writer Dan Crowley

Illustrated man: gay artist and writer Dan Crowley

By Gregg Shapiro

Chicago-based gay visual artist Dan Crowley is a creative person with a considerable adult following. With his first book, 'Danny, Growing Up Gay & Creative,' Crowley enters the world of all-ages books.

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By Brian Bromberger | May 24, 2022

By explaining the lives of Irish LGBTQ people abroad and contributions of those who returned, 'Out In The World: Ireland's LGBTQ+ Diaspora,' now at the GLBTHS Museum, can help us understand how Ireland became such a welcoming place for Irish queer folk.

By Jim Provenzano | May 3, 2022

In 'It Was Vulgar & It Was Beautiful: How AIDS Activists Used Art to Fight a Pandemic,' author Jack Lowery fully explores the history of Gran Fury, the ACT UP activist-artist collective that cleverly incorporated advertising styled messaging.

By Laura Moreno | April 26, 2022

Opening April 30 and running until August 7, San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum presents the art of Ajuan Mance as part of its ongoing Emerging Artist Showcase. The Mills College professor is known for her vibrant portrait series, '1001 Black Men.'

By Jim Provenzano | April 26, 2022

In continuing our particularly queer art exhibit coverage, two opportunities in almost opposite ends of town might interest you.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | April 5, 2022

In his creative coloring book, artist Paul Gallo presents images he has drawn from his childhood to the present day. Most of the images are drawings of people dressed in a wide array of styles.

By Jim Provenzano | April 4, 2022

The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited, currently showing at the Contemporary Jewish Museum through August 14, brings joy and visual delight to fans of all ages.

By Advertising Department -- Sponsored content | March 21, 2022

Modern art is one of the best ways to introduce students to how art can be used to voice people's problems and concerns. It shows how art can invoke certain thoughts and feelings in us.

By Jim Provenzano | March 10, 2022

Arts and nightlife events march into our schedule with energy and anticipation. Museums, galleries, theater, music and more await your attendance. Note the several music concerts and arts events with proceeds benefiting Ukraine refugees.

By Jim Provenzano | February 15, 2022

'Imagine Picasso,' the latest immersive art installation, is now at the San Francisco Armory. But do these spectacles actually bring viewers closer to the art, or just provide a computer-assisted form of entertainment?

By Gregg Shapiro | December 7, 2021

If ever there was a documentary subject that was long overdue, it would have to be that of LGBTQ+ cartoonists and comic book creators. Vivian Kleiman saw fit to do so with her respectful exploration of the art form.

By Jim Provenzano | November 23, 2021

'Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism, and the AIDS Poster' documents selected graphic art posters used as preventative advice or protest art through the AIDS pandemic.

By Gregg Shapiro | November 2, 2021

Known for his witty comic series, "Leonard & Larry," Tim Barela, whose final comic strip ran in print almost 20 years ago, is celebrated in a new book, 'The Complete Leonard & Larry Collection,' with subjects that still resonate today.

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