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'Hairspray': Uplift, SF-style

'Hairspray': Uplift, SF-style

By Jim Gladstone

I'd already been grinning for a good 10 minutes when the cast of Bay Area Musicals' joyful production of "Hairspray" launched into the civic swoon of their opening anthem, "Good Morning Baltimore."

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By Events Editor | July 10, 2019

Catch up on summer musicals, comedy nights and cool art exhibits out of the summer sun ... or fog.

By Sura Wood | July 9, 2019

The fairer sex has been concocting Gothic tales of ghosts, monsters, supernatural phenomena and science run amok! Just look at the latest installment of Modern Cinema, "Haunted! Gothic Tales by Women," a series of dark, atmospheric tales penned by women.

By David Lamble | July 9, 2019

Recovering from its extraordinary role during Pride Month, the Castro Theatre dives back into classical noir to offer nine days of double features wrapped around the 2019 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

By Paul Parish | July 9, 2019

The image that probably comes to mind when you think of swans and ballet was the brainchild of Marius Petipa, the great 19th-century choreographer who brought "Swan Lake" back from oblivion.

By Roberto Friedman | July 9, 2019

"Cabaret" is one of those shows that just won't go away. Nor should it.

By Brian Bromberger | July 9, 2019

"I'm of the school 'Write what you know.' You can educate yourself, but the best writing usually comes from the heart," says playwright Terrence McNally.

By Gregg Shapiro | July 9, 2019

The female duo known as Zhané, whose moniker was a combo of their first names Renée Neufville and Jean Norris, had a hit with their debut disc "Pronounced Jah-Nay" (Motown/UMe), newly reissued in a double-LP vinyl set.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | July 9, 2019

Two lesbians decide to organize Pride celebrations in the Deep South in "Southern Pride," a new documentary by filmmaker Malcolm Ingram.

By Tavo Amador | July 9, 2019

W. Somerset Maugham's 1937 novel "Theatre" has been adapted several times for pictures. It's the basis for the dazzling 2004 film "Being Julia," starring an incandescent Annette Bening.

By Tim Pfaff | July 9, 2019

"The Flight Portfolio" re-enacts the doings of the US-fostered Emergency Rescue Commission, sanctioned by Eleanor Roosevelt, dedicated to getting the persecuted out of the clutches of the Nazis and to safe ground, particularly in the U.S.

By Brian Bromberger | July 9, 2019

"Justify My Sins" is based on Felice Picano's experiences of living in mid-1970s Hollywood working for actor Cary Grant, who wanted Picano to adapt one of his own books into a screenplay vehicle for him.

By Philip Campbell | July 2, 2019

San Francisco music-lovers taking staycations this summer can plan concert events knowing there is no lack of cultural activity in the coming months.

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