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Skating into History: The Lavender Tube on sports, SVU and M&Ms

Skating into History: The Lavender Tube on sports, SVU and M&Ms

By Victoria A. Brownworth

From crime show and game shows, sporty athletes and Fox "news" cranks, our intrepid television columnist Victoria A. Brownworth recaps must-sees ('Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's kid coming out) and some potential hate-watching.

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By Brian Bromberger | January 19, 2022

Julian Fellowes debuts his new long-awaited period drama series 'The Gilded Age' on HBO, a tale of an emerging new world at the height of New York City's industrial age, and the often merciless society members who ruled and invaded it, or tried to.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | January 11, 2022

Out intrepid TV columnist recommends the hunky gay firemen of '9-1-1 Lonestar,' British thriller 'Vigil,' ABC's 'Women of the Movement,' and other viewing pleasures.

By Brian Bromberger | January 5, 2022

Betty White was the last major cast survivor of two television programs in which she gave iconic comic Emmy award-winning performances. But White's career was much more than two hit sitcoms.

By Gregg Shapiro | December 28, 2021

Multiple Emmy Award-winning actress Sharon Gless shares highlights and low times in her new memoir, 'Apparently There Were Complaints.'

By Victoria A. Brownworth | December 28, 2021

Here are what we thought were the best TV series featuring LGBTQ characters in primary roles, not as tacked on adjuncts to cis-het normativity. These series made queer, trans and nonbinary characters integral to their plots.

By Jim Provenzano | December 16, 2021

We could have scoured the year's worth of arts and nightlife articles, but then stopped. What's better than a concise interview with Lily Tomlin?

By Victoria A. Brownworth | December 14, 2021

Billy Porter and others celebrated the National Christmas Tree Lighting, 'With Love' stars Mark Indelicato as a gay son coming out on Christmas, plus coverage of ABC's George Michael special and the Jussie Smollett media blitz; all in our TV column.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | December 7, 2021

If anything proves how mainstream the LGBTQ community has become, it's the advent of queer-themed made-for-TV holiday movies. This season includes gay and lesbian rom-coms, and holiday-themed drag movies with very gay apparel.

By Brian Bromberger | December 7, 2021

In his new memoir, South Asian film and TV actor and Obama administration advisor Kal Penn shares funny and touching tales of racism in Hollywood, and misadventures in The White House, but turns shy in discussing his life as a gay man.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 30, 2021

Holiday baking shows, an anti-vax soap actor's fired, a reality show hunk goes gay, and plane crash survivors share a lurid secret; all this and more in our TV column.

By Gregg Shapiro | November 22, 2021

Michael ('Buyer & Cellar' off-Broadway, 'Ugly Betty' costar on TV) Urie stars as Peter, the romantic lead in Netflix's entry in the gay holiday movie genre, 'Single All the Way.'

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 16, 2021

While the news media continues to focus on losers, traitors and murderers, awards shows, dramas and even animated series smooch it up with gay, trans and queer teen characters.

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