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By Jim Provenzano | December 2, 2020

The news of Elliot Page's coming out as transgender spread across the internet. At the same time, with less fanfare, actor Viggo Mortensen raised eyebrows with his defense of playing a gay character. Both show how LGBT actors and portrayals are evolving.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | December 1, 2020

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's intense drama, Big Sky's race controversy, Johnny Sibilly's fun show, and more TV hits and misses are covered.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | December 1, 2020

Once again, holiday movies will abound on your TV screens for the Christmas season, but this year there's a bit of a queer twist to the festivities. For the first time, holiday films made especially for queer-inclusive families air this season.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 18, 2020

The new ABC thriller 'Big Sky' features a trans charactcer, 'Candyland' offers sweet silliness, 'Grey's Anatomy' confronts COVID-19, and more in our television column.

By Brian Bromberger | November 10, 2020

'Proud' portrays the evolution of a family over three decades, using important gay rights decisions in France as markers for significant events in the character's lives. 'Bare' documents an all-male nude dance created by Thierry Smits in 2016.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | November 3, 2020

Hugh Laurie's 'Roadkill,' Sarah Cooper's comedy ascendance, and 'The Good Doctor' get appraised by our TV columnist

By Jim Provenzano | November 1, 2020

While you're waiting for the real election results, which could takes days (or longer), take a gander at some election films. From fictional to biographical, comedic and dramatic to darkly satiric, here's our Dem vs. Repub baker's dozen of movie choices.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | October 20, 2020

Nyle DiMarco's new show gives Gallaudet students a deaf reality show, COBRA's futuristic disaster series chills, and 'First Day' introduces a trans teenager to high school life.

By Brian Bromberger | October 20, 2020

In honor of LGBTQ History month, HBO Max has produced a new limited four-episode docudrama series called Equal about the trailblazers and unsung heroes who fought for queer justice and equality in the pre-Stonewall era.

By Jim Provenzano | October 12, 2020

For some deliciously diverting fun, the new Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms brings a new adaptation of the popular Spanish telenovela with bouyant style. Among the cute cast are a gay drummer, and Cheyenne Jackson as a charming villain.

By Victoria A. Brownworth | October 6, 2020

Trump's 'Covita' balcony moment highlights a week of surreal news, and 'Saturday Night Lives's return odd parody of the presidential debate wasn't as bizarre as the real one.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | September 29, 2020

Robin de Jesus, who plays Emory in both the recent stage and new film adaptations of Mart Crowley's groundbreaking play, discusses portraying a joyful "flamboyant, effeminate queen."

Viewing 13 thru 24 of 460 Stories