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Bestied interests

by Events Editor

SF Giants fans at Wild Side West.
SF Giants fans at Wild Side West.  

You may have noticed a few new winners this year. In the tradition of multi-year winners who gracefully volunteered to move to 'emeritus' status, and in order to give other talented folks a chance, we've omitted a few familiar favorites.

This year, we decided to continue this effort in other nightlife categories. Numerous voters wrote in previous popular winners, and new or lesser-known faves, and we listened. New and lesser-known drag kings, bars and events will be considered next year. And of course, in some categories, the winners no longer exist! We've added a few 'in memorium' Besties.

But please, folks. Remember, this isn't the Oscars. It's a celebration of all things San Francisco, the fun, the slightly sordid and the solidly entertaining.

A further note; we won't host a Besties party this year. We're saving up for our big 50th anniversary of the Bay Area Reporter. In the meantime, congratulate your winners and runners-up, tip your bartenders and gogo dancers, share the results and send your nominations and upcoming events, in advance, to

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