Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 21 / 26 May 2016

Letters to the Editor

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Remembering the good old days

I was surprised to read that the Tea Room Theatre is closing ["Tea Room Theatre closing," May 12]. I discovered the place in the late 1970s; I usually went to Hal Call's Circle J Club theater nearby. As those of us of a certain age are finding out, nothing fun and wild from the old days survives – remember the Canary Island Diner, South of Market, back in the early 1980s? Also, Carlene's of Maui, on Polk – best Sunday brunch around, especially their muffins. Oh, well, nothing is certain, except death and taxes, I guess.

Hope another porn theater opens in the Tea Room space.


Frank Salzler

Mount Shasta, California


Rainbow flag stolen – again

Shout out to the person who stole our rainbow flag – again! Each time our flag is stolen or vandalized, it reminds us that the hostility and danger that LGBTQI people experience is very real. And, it reminds us that there should be a place like Alum Rock United Methodist Church in San Jose – a place where the people who society likes to judge and abuse for their differences will be loved unconditionally, supported, and celebrated as the people God created them to be. Yes, that's in the Bible too. Want to talk about it? We're still here and happy to hear from you.


Melody Aberin and Reverend Stephen Lee

Alum Rock United Methodist Church

San Jose, California


Prefers Kim in Senate race

While I was saddened to read that the Bay Area Reporter endorsed Scott Wiener for state Senate, I was not surprised, given the paper's decades-long history of supporting conservative candidates ["Wiener for state Senate," Editorial, May 12] . As San Francisco – once a place of refuge for queer kids, artists, activists, and anyone else who didn't fit in where they grew up – becomes increasingly unaffordable for all but the wealthy, Wiener has consistently stood with the developers, gentrifiers, and profiteers against the interests of ordinary San Franciscans.

He's even stood with former police Chief Greg Suhr – even after Suhr finally did the right thing and resigned – despite the wave of police scandals and dubious shootings of unarmed people of color. Suhr's habit of making excuses for killer cops, excuses he then had to walk back after more facts came out, apparently made no difference to Wiener.

If we send Wiener to Sacramento, we can be sure he will continue to faithfully represent the forces now destroying the San Francisco dream. Supervisor Jane Kim, on the other hand, has consistently stood with ordinary San Franciscans, working to keep the city affordable and open to all, despite huge political pressures from moneyed interests. I'll be proud to join with Tom Ammiano, Bevan Dufty, Harry Britt, and many other LGBT progressives in voting for Kim for state Senate.


Bruce Mirken

San Francisco


Disagrees with judicial endorsement

I really do not understand the B.A.R. 's hearty endorsement of Paul Henderson, deputy staff assistant to Ed Lee, for Superior Court Judge ["Henderson for SF Superior Court," Editorial, May 19]. Encouraging people to vote for him primarily because he is the "gay" candidate does not seem ethical to me. The other primary candidate, Victor Hwang, while not gay, has always supported our community. He is the one that clearly has the most litigation experience, works as a lawyer, and is not merely a government civil servant who has spent most of his career in appointed positions. He is the one who still works as a practicing attorney, is not a public servant serving the current Democratic establishment that is in office, and has litigated the most serious cases as opposed to juvenile court cases as Henderson has. The B.A.R. editorial states that Henderson "said he developed and implemented a number of programs related to justice reforms before moving to management positions."

I'm like, really? Blah, blah blah. Please, I'm so tired of our bloated city government rotating its employees from job to tenured job with their pensions and almost-free health care. Let's get a real trial attorney with qualified experience, as the SF Bar Association recommends as well. Check out the SF Bar recommendations.


Fred White 

San Francisco


More to intactivists than foreskin

Forgive me if I'm the eight-millionth person to bring this to your attention, but your characterization of intactivists as "people who oppose cutting the foreskin from penises," while technically accurate, is rather imprecise ["Intactivist Jonathon Conte dead at 34," May 19].

Intactivists oppose all non-medically indicated genital cutting of minors – boys, girls, and intersex children. Intactivists, generally speaking, do not oppose genital surgery performed on adult patients who have given informed consent.

If anybody ever deserved meticulous accuracy in his obituary, it was Jonathon, one of the most conscientious sticklers for detail I have ever known.


Kurt True

El Cerrito, California


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