Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 48 / 1 December 2016

Letters to the Editor

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Taking the low road

The most zealous critic of Michael Weinstein I know had no trouble supporting Jane Kim for state Senate, so while I have doubts about the validity of your analysis of the role of Weinstein played in the defeat of Kim, I find it interesting that you made the attempt to prove that the Scott Wiener campaign was the victim in the "vicious" campaign run against him ["A sharp rebuke to AHF," Editorial, November 24]. When Kim asked the Wiener campaign to sign a pledge to run a positive campaign he didn't just say, "No I'm keeping my options open." He replied, "Jane Kim doesn't want me to be able to use her name in my campaign, what is she trying to hide?" and then went on to speculate about which votes might hold the key. He was not just taking the low road, but showing which ruts were going to provide the mud he intended to sling. His use of the word "vicious" to describe the campaign against him reminded me of the scene from Casablanca where the policeman is "shocked" to learn there is gambling going on as he is handed his winnings.

The ad implying that domestic abuse was a value Kim shared with Ross Mirkarimi was repulsive.

What I found so disillusioning about this election was from the top of the ballot to our local offices it seems that the election went to those who took the low road to new depths.


Bill Wilson

San Francisco


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