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Inside Pride, the official magazine of San Francisco Pride 2018

Inside Pride, the official magazine of San Francisco Pride 2018

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Since 2016, the Bay Area Reporter has worked with VIA Media and SF Pride to produce the official magazine of San Francisco Pride, INSIDE PRIDE.

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By Matthew S. Bajko | February 21, 2018

For several months in 1984 Sean Martinfield served as the master of ceremonies at the famed Finocchio's female impersonators cabaret in North Beach.

By Matthew S. Bajko | February 14, 2018

A state panel is supporting the San Francisco Women's Building's request to become a national historic site.

By Matthew S. Bajko | February 1, 2018

Sidewalk markers at the site of three historic LGBT businesses that once operated in North Beach will be unveiled at a ceremony in mid-February.

By Michael lanagan | May 7, 2017

In a few short years North Beach was ground zero for a host of talented musicians, comics and poets not associated with the Beats. The Purple Onion was central to that world.

By Michael Flanagan | April 2, 2017

There are rare bars that are popular in one generation and come back a second time. Even rarer is one which has three lives. The 181 Club was such a bar. It lasted from the 1950s to the 1990s and left its mark on three generations.

By Michael Flanagan | February 26, 2017

Male prostitution is probably as old as the city itself. Edward Prime-Stevenson wrote in 1908 that soldiers in the Presidio were for rent during the Spanish-American War. It is certainly as old as the homophile organizations.

By Michael Flanagan | March 27, 2016

Richard "Sweet Lips" Walters wrote a column in the Bay Area Reporter from April 1, 1971 till June 24, 2010. first called "Sweet lips Sez" and eventually shortened to "Sweet Lips." Somewhere along the way it became much more.

By Michael Flanagan | November 1, 2015

Shortly after having moved to San Francisco in the early 1980s, I was introduced to the concept of gay stand-up comedy (as it was called then).

By Michael Flanagan | April 12, 2015

The Lily Street Fair, which existed in San Francisco from 1981 to 1990, was part block party and part potluck, with a good dose of Easter bonnets and Easter parade thrown in to add zest.

By Michael Flanagan | March 15, 2015

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, or so the old adage would have us believe. There is a worse fate, however: To be forgotten and fade into obscurity.

By Jim Stewart | June 24, 2014

We looked down Market Street toward the Ferry Building. Dykes On Bikes led off the first downtown Gay Freedom Day parade from Spear Street up Market toward the Civic Center. Gay Frontiers: Past, Present, Future.

By Jim Stewart | June 27, 2013

It was Gay Freedom Day; Sunday, June 27, 1976. Things were very different then; very different.

Viewing 1 thru 12 of 13 Stories