Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 3 / 18 January 2018

LA softball sues over Vegas Shootout


Eric Ryan
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Lawsuits have been filed over who owns the rights to the largest and fastest growing annual LGBT sports festival in the world.

The Sin City Shootout was a 60-team weekend softball tournament when it launched in 2007. Under tournament director Eric Ryan, it has added sports and grown in the decade since. But according to a Greater Los Angeles Softball Association lawsuit filed in federal district court in California, publicly available on the GLASA website, the trademark on the name lapsed last year and Ryan renewed it under his own name, not GLASA's. GLASA is accusing Ryan of stealing the tournament assets for himself.

Ryan has filed a countersuit denying GLASA's allegations and seeking recovery of legal costs.

There are now two separate websites seeking registrants for a multi-sports festival to be held January 11-14 in Las Vegas: Ryan's Sin City Shootout ( and GLASA's renamed Sin City Classic ( The Classic lists 24 sports; the Shootout has all of them plus basketball. The registration links on the Shootout sports menu appear to be active; those on the Classic site appear to be placeholders.

Organizers also apparently have turned the Sin City Shootout Facebook page into a Sin City Classic page. It still offers photos from previous years' Shootouts.

Ryan's countersuit asserts that GLASA lost its legal status for more than two years because of failure to comply with tax requirements and did not respond in a timely manner to a trademark renewal notice, thereby abandoning rights to the tournament name.

Ryan's countersuit also asserts that GLASA "made false and defamatory statements on plaintiff's Facebook page, Las Vegas Softball League's Facebook page, the Sin City Shootout (Classic) Facebook page, and other personal individuals' Facebook page(s), which constitute defamation and defamation per se orally and in writing about Ryan to the public, which have been believed by others, all to the detriment of Ryan's name, reputation, and business and thereafter deleting the published statements, which are evidence in this case of the plaintiff and cross-defendant's wrongful, tortuous conduct in violation of their duty to preserve each and all such evidence." He also accuses Classic organizers of offering bribes or kickbacks to get softball teams to break ties with the Shootout and head to the Classic.

This isn't the first time Ryan's been involved in a lawsuit. He sued San Francisco LGBT Pride organizers after he was shot at the 2013 festival. The case was eventually dismissed.

Clarification: :The August 31 story said that Ryan's lawsuit was dismissed. That statement was based on court documents. After the story ran, Ryan told the Bay Area Reporter that the case had been settled.


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