Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Royal occasions

On the Town

Jay Mull at the St. Patrick's Day Parade last weekend. Photo: Steven Underhill
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First things first: Any blame for the lack of coverage of the recent Imperial Coronation in the pages of this publication belongs squarely on the shoulders of this well-meaning but human writer, who missed her deadline. Such a major event, the 44th consecutive Coronation in San Francisco, certainly merits press exposure, albeit a bit later than ideal.

Emperor John Weber and Empress Cher A Little chose A High Fashion Evening on the Red Carpet as their theme, and the elaborate costumes and luxurious set followed suit. The success of their year was reflected in the considerable attendance and large number of visiting Courts from across the United States and Canada, most notably the Court of Hawaii, whose 20 members presented a beautifully costumed and choreographed musical number. Other entertainment highlights were the presentations by Absolute Empress XIX Remy Martin and Emperor XXVII T.J. Istvan, celebrating the 25th and 10th anniversaries respectively of their reigns, and a visually stunning number by the Reigning Emperor and Empress of Reno, Courtney Korn and Felicia Jewel Halston . More elected officials than ever attended, specifically State Senator Mark Leno, State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, Supervisor Bevan Dufty, City Treasurer Jose Cisneros, and City Attorney Dennis Herrera and his wife. After touching farewells from the outgoing San Francisco Monarchs, the new Emperor and Empress, Paul Maka Poole and Angelina Josephina Manicotti , were announced shortly before 11 p.m.

We would be remiss if we did not at least mention the following morning's event, unique to San Francisco, namely the Annual Pilgrimage to Colma to visit the gravesite of Emperor Joshua Norton . Joining Empress I Jose Sarria 's early-morning ceremony were Ron Ross , Tony Onorati, Unicorn, Charlotte Coleman, Roberta Bobba , Reverend Lyle Beckman , a full row of SF Emperors, and emcees Jose Cisneros and Yours Truly. Suffice it to say, Jose was in rare form, and visitors and locals alike were thoroughly delighted!

The following weekend, we happily supported the Leather events of Mr. Deviant Leather Contest at Truck on Friday, Leather Community Awards at the Center on Saturday, and Mr. Hayes Valley Leather Contest at Marlena's on Sunday. As always, we were amazed and awed by the sense of community at each of these events, and particularly the audience diversity at Saturday's Awards. All ages, genders, races, and Leather subgroups joined together for this first official event of the Bay Area Leather Alliance, a very recent merger of the Leather Forum and the Inter-Club Fund.

In the interest of keeping abreast of the recent significant changes in the San Francisco bar scene, we have been stopping in all over town, and we invite you to leave the computer behind and join u

Reveler at the St. Patrick's Day festivities. Photo: Steven Underhill
s. The Bar on Church boasts a new, clean look, great music, and a bustling crowd, while Q-Bar on Castro is still finding its footing. The temporary closing of the Cafˇ for expansion has certainly funneled the dancing crowd towards the already packed Badlands, at least on weekends. We are aware of a new bar opening across the street, but without a formal opening, community tie-in, or press invitation, we have yet to cross its threshold. Also now offering a dance option is Triple Crown, the former Octavia Lounge on Market Street.

The biggest news is the late-night weekend dance venues that seem to be popping up with abandon. We've been to the new Infusion at 124 Ellis for cocktail parties (what a gorgeous, exquisitely detailed lounge!), but they've added a monthly Sunday tea dance called H.O.M. that is getting rave reviews, and we can't wait to try it out. Don't worry, it happens every first Sunday, not to be confused with the runaway success of Fresh at Ruby Skye every third Sunday. We dove into Wunderland last Saturday for the new weekly dance at 181 Eddy, and can confirm that it is spacious and inviting, offering two floors, a couple of areas to dance with a great sound system, and several seating arrangements where conversation is even possible. Gus presents Palace at a new place at 316 11th St. every Friday promises to add to the dynamic weekend mix, and you'll have our first-hand report next time. Could it be that in even these economic times we will have multiple places to celebrate every weekend night? Seize the opportunity! We rarely name the names of those seen after Midnight.

And speaking of dancing, after seeing Burn the Floor at the Post Street Theatre last week, we whole-heartedly concur with the decision to extend their run through April. Don't miss this heart-stopping, toe-tapping, soul-wrenching evening of sensual dance!

Several important agency anniversaries are imminent, including Community United Against Violence's (CUAV) 30th tomorrow, Friday, March 20, at Minna Gallery, honoring Tom Ammiano and Hank Wilson ; and the SF LGBT Center's 7th next Saturday, March 28, at Terra Gallery, hosted by David Hawkins and Lisa Geduldig .  Both feature awards, entertainment, auctions, food, drink, and a great cause. Exercise discretionary spending where necessary, but don't leave these community-supportive organizations out of your plans.

We hope you celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style, and that the green of the day will translate into a lucrative year.

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