Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018



Nick Capra wants to get nasty

Nick Capra in underwear.
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The minute I saw Nick Capra's 16"x20" framed photograph (in luscious color) as an upcoming featured attraction at the Nob Hill Theater several week ago, I was already formulating questions for him. I had no doubt I'd get a no-holds-barred interview from him. I've always admired his many scene performances, in the best that gay erotic cinema has to offer.

This weekend at The Nob Hill Theater, this veteran film sexualist will give you a taste of how it's really done, live and in the adorable flesh.



Cornelius Washington: How does it feel, performing at the legendary Nob Hill Theater, and have you appeared there before?

Nick Capra: This will be my first appearance Nob Hill. It's such an iconic venue. I can't wait to do something really nasty and fun for the fans attending.


Do you have any idea how many videos you've done?

Feature DVDs? I'd guess around 80.


Among those, what is your favorite?

My favorite was French Kiss. I mean, come on! We shot on location in Paris. How many American porn stars get the opportunity to do their first bottoming film in Paris?


Have you ever fallen for one of your scene partners?

I fall for many of my scene partners in different ways. Sometimes it's just this mad affair that lasts from the beginning to end of the scene we are filming. Then there are the few that have gone further than just the scene. Some have been very special. I know you probably want names. I'll talk more about them in the memoir I'm writing.


Is there anyone with whom you wanted to work, but, never did?

The late Wilfried Knight. He was so beautiful.


What do you see in porn now that's missing?

I don't see a ton of "connection." I see great performance, and that's always hot. But, I'm Italian. So, I'm more drawn to real passion. You can't cheat that for the camera. It will read, or it won't.


When you watch porn, what arouses you?

The foreplay. Hot foreplay. And a good rim job always blow my dick up.


Nick Capra in revealing shorts

What do you see as gay porn's next big trend?

I'm happy to see that the cam phenom is huge again. Its real. It's fun. You can get to know your favorite performer on a more personal level that way. I'll be doing live cam shows solo and with other models quite soon for Real Boys Online.


What have you not done in films that you wish you had?

I haven't done dom stuff for Bound in Public for I love that site. They really push their models on a very primal level. Coming Soon.


Porn vs. private sexuality: What do you do in films that you don't do privately, and vice-versa?

I'm really loud on cam. Verbal. People would be surprised to see that I'm more quietly aggressive in private.


What traits do you find attractive in a man?

Physically, I need a handsome face. Gays either like Face, Body, or Dick/Ass. I'm a face guy. Good kisser is necessary. And he's gotta be self-assured, intelligent, and humorous (Yes, my checklist is long).


Any particular sexual fantasies?

Tying up a straight guy and edging him, making him really want it. Isn't that every gay man's fantasy?

Who's your fantasy celebrity sex partner?

Channing Tatum.


What is your current relationship status?



Nick Capra gets wet.

What's your favorite sexual position?

Missionary. Guys feet on my hairy pecs while I fuck him and jerk his dick at the same time. I love making guys cum while I'm fucking them.


What's your wildest sexual experience?

Park bench in Milan with an 18-year-old German kid.


Which sex act took a moment for you to embrace, but now you love?

Getting pissed on. I do love it.


Barebacking; pro or con?

I would be a liar if I said I didn't watch it and jerk off to it. However, you will not be seeing me in a barebacking video, ever. My responsibilities as a porn star are few. I don't need to say politically correct things. I don't need to babysit other people's children. However, I personally feel obliged to advocate safe sex in my work.


What's the most important thing you've learned from porn?

I've learned so much. I shot my first video for Chi Chi LaRue twelve years ago. I guess I've learned to not take any of it for granted. You can be the "darling" one minute and forgotten the next. I love my fans and I'm honored every day to connect with them through social media, my writing, etc.


Nick Capra: selfie in boxer shorts.

What stereotypes about the porn world have you found to be true and/or false?

Most porn stars are a bit cray. I'm definitely an odd one. I don't like the "drug" stereotype. I'm in recovery and my sobriety is my greatest accomplishment.


Any advice for prospective porn models or producers?

Don't do dope. Show up. Brand yourself. Be more than a sex star. Do your own product.


If you had the power to change any aspect of your career, which would it be?

I do have the power to change an aspect of my career. I want to be published. Therefore, I'm currently writing my memoir.


Nick Capra performs solo strips and sex shows with Damian Stone at the Nob Hill Theatre. $25. 8pm & 10pm. Also Sat., Aug. 9. 729 Bush St. at Powell. 397-6758.
Follow Nick Capra on Twitter at

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