Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

The Amazing Race


Race Cooper wants to pump you up

Race Cooper. photo: Cornelius Washington
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If you're thinking when you go to the gym, "If I could just get that perfect combination of exercise, in the correct sequence, at the optimum pace, with the structured advice, I know that I'll get the results that will make me look and feel the way I've always wanted."

We'll give you the inside tip. The man you need to see is at the Alex Gym. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Relax. Consult your doctor. Then, call Mr. Race Cooper. The star of numerous gay porn videos for five years (Militia, Hot Wired, In Deep, Stud Finder, to name a few) now shares fitness tips as a trainer.


Cornelius Washington: What inspired you to launch your personal fitness company?

Race Cooper: I've always been a disciplined athlete, and loved challenging myself physically for a long time. That athleticism has helped me gain notoriety as a physique model and porn star. I just wasn't sure if I'd be a good trainer, until my close friends started to convince me I could be. It was by showing them exercises and explaining my philosophies on muscular development, nutrition and athletic performance, that I grew confident to try something new. Of course, when I get focused on something I need to go full throttle, so why stop at trainer? I had to create a fitness company.


What is unique about your company?

I think what's unique is the perspective that I've put on fitness for a long time; to make fitness fun and effective! I don't take myself too seriously, and love to make jokes while training. I think laughing is the best way to activate those six pack abs. However, that doesn't mean I don't take training seriously. I very much do. But there's no reason that information on how to make your body better and improving your health can't be served with a little tongue and cheek, with a side of keeping it real.


What do you wish prospective clients asked or did when looking for a new personal trainer?

I'd wish they would have a more measured goal, and realistic expectations on the time it takes to get there. As well, consider what is possible for their body type. It's great to want to look like your favorite celebrity, but when I get prospective clients wanting to look like that in three months, and only train once a week.... It feels like they are only setting themselves up for failure. It's my job as a trainer and coach to help them make realistic goals, but also to help them look at their bodies objectively.  See what they've accomplished and what is possible, instead of focusing on what they don't like about themselves.


Who inspired your initial fitness goals? Who inspires you, currently?

My initial fitness goals were inspired at 13 years old, when a girl made fun of me for being really skinny. I never felt like I needed to prove myself physically until that happened. I was more of a library geek as a kid. But kids are mean... and that image of me being skinny stuck with me for a very long time. It made me very committed to change. I bought a set of weights with money from my paper route job, looked at mens physiques in Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness (and stolen Playgirl ) magazines.... and set off on my journey.

When it comes to who inspires me now, it's not so much celebrities or images online, as it is some of the other trainers at Alex Fitness where I train. Every type of athletic body is represented, as well as philosophies and perspectives on how to train. It's a great environment for daily inspiration.


What are the current fitness trends? Which are effective? Which are pure junk?

There's lots of trends in fitness, from kickboxing, TRX resistant bands, bodyweight strength, to Plyometrics, Zumba and Crossfit. It's hard to say that any are junk, when applied with a knowledgeable and focused trainer. When it comes right down to it, regular exercise when approved by a physician is always good! But safety always has to be key. This is why having a trainer who knows how to challenge you, yet is still focused on your safety, will always produce positive and effective results.


What are the pros and cons of the current pop culture obsession with celebrity fitness?

The pros are ways to inspire a dialogue on health, and feeling good about one's physique. The cons are the unhealthy ways that people can feel self-loathing when faced with images that are Photoshopped and therefore unattainable.

Race Cooper shows workout tips in his videos.


Do you see the public's desire for a "hot body" as a healthy expression of sensuality, insecurity camouflaging as body armor, or neither... or both?

It is both. It always depends on the person. Finding the balance between expressing one's confidence through their body, and hiding insecurity is a very fine line. All trainers know this, and even if others might express that you have a "hot body," it may be a very hard thing for you to accept about yourself on the inside. We are always our own worse critic.


What is the gay/straight ratio of your client base, and how do their approaches to fitness differ, if at all?

My ratio for clients presently is 90% gay and 10% straight. But that doesn't mean I don't have love for my straight peeps. After all, they create more gay people. It's never actually crossed my mind in how their approaches to fitness differ based on sexuality. I look more at the individual, and everyone is different in their approach.


What is your favorite body part on a man and woman?

My favorite body part on a man, is legs... On a woman, a tight waist. Yum to both!


What is your favorite body part-on you?

I think my favorite body part on myself is my chest. It was the body part that I was teased the most about when I was a kid, due to kids making fun of seeing my ribcage when I was shirtless. I worked the hardest on it.


What do you see as essential elements to everyone's nutrition regimen?

Protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fat.  All are necessary in moderation.


What is your favorite junk food?

Maple Bacon Kettle Chips... Hate to say it, but I gotta be honest. Nom Nom Nom!

Find out more about Race's training programs at (415) 413-3686 or visit

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