Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Karrnal: Wide Open


Jesse Jackman, Rogan Richards with Dario Beck, and Jay Bentely, in TitanMens, Scruf. photo: TitanMen
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The first rationalization Michael Lucas offered for introducing barebacking into his films was medical—Truvada could prevent transmission of HIV. The second was that he would only film committed couples. Now, dropping that sham, he'll rely on the effectiveness of regular blood tests for performers. Last week, Lucas announced that Trenton Ducati had become the company's Exclusive bareback performer, for a period of three months. That short window of Exclusivity means Ducati's HIV status can be easily documented and sustained. I'm herewith documenting my sustained grief at the arrival of barebacking as the sodomie mode du jour. A number of websites have recently become bareback providers, with Lucas joining Bel Ami, Kris Bjorn and others among mainstream providers. We'll see if Michael's move propels other American companies into bucking for bareback dollars.

Now, I'll get back to the survey I began last week of recent Titan titles, paying special attention to some newer performers.

Before I saw Anthony London's three suck-n-fuck titles for Titan, I saw the constant top man being upstaged by his bottoms and their dildos in the two fetish scenes he filmed for Hot House, and then another two for Titan. Tall, mature, and masculine, the hairy uncut dude's got loose balls and a sharp tan line. He's a fine looking man—a stand-in for Titan's David Anthony in most everything but personality. I find him bland. In Scruf (sic), he shows no qualms in throating all of Jesse Jackman's cock. He's aided no doubt by its sudden and sharp mid-shaft downward bend that strikes me as uncomfortable-looking, but which any throat would certainly find anatomically accommodating.

New face Jay Bentley is altogether more memorable in his Scruf scene with Dirk Caber (Jackman's real-life boyfriend). Bentley's Exclusive to Titan, and worth seeking out. He's made three Titan flix, and he's mighty attractive—he's attractively put together and his eyes sparkle. He's black, or perhaps of mixed race, yet so light-skinned you'd only think of that when noticing the tight curl of his hair. I wasn't in the mood for a sexo when it came time to screen Scruf, but this pair's low-key, sensual smooching quickly got me there. Caber's hot stuff, as usual, offering nifty little fillips to the delish cocksucking he offers Bentley. They share a close and continuous communication that's mighty effective, and Caber, as usual, favors his partner and us with his warm, sexy smile, as Bentley bounces on his bone. You'll want to check out Resort, where Titan once again pairs Bentley smartly, with Christopher Daniels.

Scruf also has a good poolside scene with cock-ringed Rogan Richards (thick-bodied and rough-looking) topping Titan Exclusive Dario Beck (leaner, patrician). There's only a sentence or two spoken in the entire flick (when Titan says it's All Sex, they mean it), and the music, by Discopup and Orlando Moneyshot, is fine and sexy accompaniment.

Titan's Wide Awake

Wide Awake features more new faces. Most notable, to me at least, is Nick Prescott, a versatile Titan Exclusive who has only been in two movies—in this one, he's a power bottom to hot fucker Justin King, while in the fetish-oriented Ass Attack he fiercely topped, dildo-ed and fisted his sub).  

Johnny Parker isn't a Titan Exclusive, but has only appeared in four films, two of them for Titan (this one, and the fetish sexo Power Play, which finds the husky-bodied guy stroking side by side with Hunter Marx with sounding rods down their shafts). 

The extra meaty and bearded Parker, who has furry abs and a halo of sandy-colored hair surrounding his unshaven balls, shares a warm outdoor scene with Jesse Jackman. While Jackman rides nicely atop Parker's cock before they flip-fuck, theirs is not the sort of coupling that announces Parker as a star.  

Self-confident blond Nick Prescott earned my quick attention. He's got cropped hair, facial scruff, and a tight body, and somehow manages to infuse an almost surly toughness with a welcoming personality. Partner Justin King's not a gentle fucker, and Prescott has to resist in self-defense while he's giving in—a mixture that gives greater effectiveness to the act.

Exclusive Titan man Jesse Jackman smooches Anthony London in Scruf. photo: TitanMen

Still, the final scene's the best, with Adam Champ lordly in a tux and the appreciable Titan Exclusive George Ce t-shirted but smartly tonsured. Ce's massively thick and smooth cock is well-featured, getting sucked and then banging against the bulwarks of his meaty thigh bones as he rides atop Champ. Yet Wide Awake in toto doesn't quite come off. Perhaps the moodiness director Jasun Mark went for has restrained his performers, and the directorial masturbation of the scene's connecting moments, though brief, is artsy, disjunct and largely incomprehensible.

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