Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Busy Times


American Brotherhood Family 2013: Pup Tank, Aaron Duke, "OB." photo: Brian Minsey, ABW
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Every year after the Folsom Street Fair is over, I always think, "Things are going to be quiet until after New Year's," and every year I'm always proven wrong and I end up thinking "Damn, there sure is a lot going on."

You'd think I'd get it. You'd think I would realize that the events and fun parties and such don't really die down or ease up. Yet every year I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity going into the holidays. I'll stay content to be pleasantly surprised each year. That's fine.

But I think it'll get even busier, what with all the stores now putting out Christmas decorations with their Halloween costumes. Can you believe it? As if I don't have enough stress in my life, I have to think about what to get the husband for Christmas and come up with a killer Halloween costume at the same time? I can't. I just can't. I'm too old. Yes, I said that before everyone out there did. I know who you are.

Seriously, things have been going great here in our gorgeous Jewel On The Bay. I love our city so much (in spite of the current rising cost of living). There's always somewhere to go, something (or someone) to do. Things are still diverse, too. I was recently at The Eagle and it suddenly occurred to me just how 'leather' the bar has become. The past several times I've gone, the amount of leathermen and women in the crowd has grown. And I'm talking about hardcore, "traditional" leather.

Some might say "old school." I love gear, sports uniforms, and the like. What horny guy doesn't? However, it pleases me to see not just the latest gear but also a lot of traditional leather. The Eagle is the perfect place for it. Lots of room to breathe, flirt, and socialize. The sight to two very sexy mature men decked out like it was Folsom Street Fair going at each other as if there were no tomorrow made my latest trek there well worth my while. There's nothing like watching two hot men burn for each other and not give a crap who sees them or what anyone thinks.

Part of this new trend might be due to the BLUF parties they have every month. BLUF is the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fan Club. Their next event is Saturday, November 13, at the Eagle of course. But you don't have to wait until then to enjoy hotness in leather. Just hit the bar on any Friday or Saturday night. You won't be disappointed. By the way, all the bartenders are pretty damn hot, and friendly too.

Just a few blocks away at the Powerhouse that same night it couldn't have been more different. It was packed, which is usual for a Saturday night. We got there fairly late and BeatPig was in full swing. Everyone was having a great time. The marked difference between the crowd at the Eagle and this crowd made me stop and realize how incredibly diverse our community is. We're also very welcoming. I remember the days when certain 'types' went to certain bars, and rarely did the two ever mingle.

Mr. Bolt Leather 2014 Vincent Deleon
photo: Rich Stadtmiller

Now, no one cares. If anyone does care, they're in the minority. Regardless of how some still yearn (and whine) for "the good old days" I think things are so much better now. Do I think we need more of a presence in the nightlife scene? Maybe a new 'Miracle Mile?' Sure I do. Yet I don't want to go back, either. Yep, I love our cross-pollinating city.

A Little off the Top

It's right around the corner. The first official Mr. Daddy's Leather contest is being held at the Eagle on Saturday, November 9. Tony Delfino is the first Mr. Daddy's Leather. He was appointed almost a year ago. This will be the first actual contest. It'll be a great one! Beth Bicoastal and Sister Phyliss Withe-Litaday will MC. The scheduled judges are Shawn Kinnear, Nerine, Jay Harcourt, Cody Elkin, and Tony Delfino. You can bet they'll give us a great new community representative. All the proceeds raised will go to supporting Queer Lifespace. I'm glad that I'm seeing a variety in the beneficiaries of our events. It seemed for a while that everything was a fundraiser for just a couple of charities. I say, spread the wealth as much as we spread our legs. That should to the trick, as it were.

I'd like to extend an early congratulations to Tony Delfino for putting this together. He's been the driving force behind this new title and has succeeded in spite of an overall lackluster support for title events of late. Tony's pretty damn cute, and friendly, so who can resist?

Ms. SF Leather 2013 Val Langmuir and First Runner Up Miss Beth Bicoastal. photo: Rich Stadtmiller

Leather Alliance Weekend Coming Up

I was recently in contact with Ray Tilton, producer of the annual Mr. San Francisco Leather contest. He told me that the 2014 contest and entire Leather Alliance Weekend will be bigger and better than ever. The dates are February 28 - March 2, 2014. Along with the contest, which Tillon said will have a "record number of contestants," there are also planned seminars, a men's only play party, a community awards brunch, and a roast of our current International Mr. Leather/Mr. SF Leather 2013 Andy Cross. That will surely be something not to miss. The upcoming feeder contests are:

Mr. Daddy's Barbershop Leather – November 9, 4pm at the SF Eagle

Mr. Edge Leather – December 7, 9pm at the Edge Bar

Mr. Eagle Leather – December 14, 3pm at the SF Eagle

Mr. and Miss Imperial Leather – January 4, Doors 6pm, Contest 7pm at the ARC of SF

Mr. Powerhouse Leather – January 11, 9pm at the Powerhouse

We already have Mr. Sober Leather, Trouble Sanchez and Mr. Legion of Sin, Scott "Big Red" Ferrell, which means there should be at least seven men vying for the title. Tickets, including a special weekend package, will be on sale soon. For more details, go to:


Speaking of titles, I want to give a big shout out and congratulations to the following recent title winners. I hope you all have a great year and represent us well: The American Leather Family 2013: American Leatherman Aaron Duke, American Leatherwoman "OB," and American Leatherboy Pup Tank; Mr. Bolt Leather 2014 Vincent Deleon; and last but not least, Ms. SF Leather 2013 Val Langmuir.

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