Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 22 / 28 May 2015

Kristine W: Dance music hitmaker performs at Beatbox

"I know there are plenty of people who think of dance music as throwaway music," says Kristine W (born Weitz), who will perform this Saturday night as part of Served, a new monthly dance party at Beatbox helmed by DJ Escape.

"Even guys who go to parties all the time, they love it but they don't necessarily understand the effort that can go into it. I don't want to put out the musical equivalent of McDonald's. I work really seriously on my songwriting and my recording." (read more)

Leather -
Chicago's Leather Invasion

Being a former Chicagoan, every time the International Mr. Leather (IML) weekend rolls around, I get excited. It's always a trip down hometown memory lane for me as well as a chance to reconnect with countless friends, some of whom I only see there once a year. It's essentially a leather invasion with thousands of guys descending upon the city from all over the world to frolic in kinkland for a few days. It's truly special. (read more)

BARchive - The Musical Wizard of Polk Street

If you think of a popular gay San Francisco musician from the 1970s, the person who probably springs to mind is Sylvester or perhaps Patrick Cowley... (read more)

On the Tab,
May 28-June 4, 2015

Heading into June, aka Pride month, things are gaying up all over. (read more)

Karrnal Knowledge - Wicked

I've always felt entirely fortunate that I was somehow chosen to write about guy's cocks. (read more)

Shooting Stars -
One Night Only

Cast members from the the touring production of The Book of Mormon performed wild and whacky interpretations... (read more)

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