Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Glamour cuts


Tina Lucchesi and Seth Bogart of Down at Lulu's hair salon.
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Tina Lucchesi and Seth Bogart may be new on the fiercely competitive haircutting scene, but they're opening their brand new Oakland hair salon and vintage clothing store, Down at Lulu's, with a bang this Pride Weekend. To draw attention to their menu of modern and classic cuts, creative and classic hairstyling, coloring, highlighting, perms and hair-styling, they're drawing on their reputations (and media savvy) as veterans of celebrity pop bands flashy with teeny-bopper cool, ice-cream/candy-cane bounce and flounce, and dashes of New Wave and punk. Tina's credits include The Bobbyteens, The Trashwomen, The Glamour Pussies, Tina and the Total Babes, and The Deadly Weapons. Seth's other moniker is Hunx of Gravy Train!!!! As such, this Pisces from Tucson, Arizona, is known for his sexy dancing in underwear at hit pop-rock parties all over the globe! His favorite beauty product: "Instant Tan! Duh!!!" — Mark Mardon

The Grand Opening of Down at Lulu's takes place on Saturday, June 24, 7-10 p.m. at 6603 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. Info at

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