Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Spring into leather

Mister Marcus

Back to camera, outgoing Mr. Missouri Leather Scott Fausz places the winning medal on Dwane Farr, the new Mr. Missouri Leather 2008. Mr. Farr advances to compete at IML 2008 in Chicago next May. (photo: Joseph Palmisano)
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The weather is a-changing and spring is just around the corner. The 2008 leather season is in progress and many events that may or may not appeal to you are on the horizon. The roster of IML 2008 hopefuls grows weekly and it should be a robust group that takes the stage in Chicago in May. The Los Angeles bar titles are almost through, with Mister Sisters Leather being named this past weekend (no results at my deadline), and the final feeder contest is the Mr. Bullet Leather 08 contest on Saturday, March 8. The Los Angeles Leather Coalition is anticipating a good turnout for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2008 contest. The host hotel in Little Tokyo is smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. The Miyako Hotel, with a special $89 rate, is one block from the Aratani Theatre, venue for the contest.

Last weekend, in St. Louis, the 2008 Mr. Missouri Leather contest was staged at JJ's bar and it was the step aside for the vivacious Scott Fausz as he sashed his successor, Dwane Farr as Mr. Missouri Leather 2008. The details are sketchy but Farr advances to compete at IML in May.

In San Francisco, Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2008 will be chosen at Marlena's bar this Saturday, March 8. If you're planning to compete, the deadline is midnight tonight (Thursday, March 6). Lenny Broberg will be the master of ceremonies and a big crowd is expected. The judges are Jay Harcourt, Bruce Keim, David Morgan, Joan Norry, and boy Tyler. It should be an interesting interlude – I wouldn't miss this one for all the fireworks in Chinatown. And there will be fireworks!

Meet newly sashed International Master and International slave, Master Rick and slave Tina, who won in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, February 23.

Whether the new Chaps II bar (1225 Folsom) will field a contestant went unanswered question when I inquired of David Morgan. And whatever happened to the Mr. Latin Leather contest at Esta Noche? Alexis Miranda says he wants to have a contest but has had no input from Toro or Juan Carlos or anyone else from the Mr. SF Leather Contest committee. It would be nice to see more than just two contestants at Mr. SF Leather 2008. In a town that is allegedly big on leather, it's a poor showing when we can't field more than one or two contestants for a major title. Oh, well ...

They'll be celebrating with a lot of events beginning this weekend in San Diego; the Ms. San Diego Leather contest is on Saturday, March 8 and the Mr. San Diego Leather contest is a week later. Annie Romano produces the Ms. contest and Graylin Thornton produces the Mr. contest. A whole week of leather events will be taking place in San Diego and another big crowd is expected for the contests. Broberg will be the MC for the Mr. San Diego Leather contest.

Big events are being staged in San Francisco this year, the Leather Leadership XII Conference and International Ms. Leather, both bringing hundreds of leather visitors to our turf. Volunteers are needed for both events and of course there's volunteers needed for the Pride Parade in June, the Dore Alley Fair in July, the Northern California Leather Sir/boy, the Folsom Street Fair and the Int'l. Leather Sir/boy contest. All are in need of volunteers and of course, all are fundraising efforts for various charities in the SF Bay Area and beyond. If you have the time, the stamina, and the urge to help out, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the volunteer coordinators for all these events.

The Detroit Sash Bash staged at the Detroit Eagle by Mr. Michigan Lea. Randy Wrisinger raised a ton of money via the CLAW Nation benefit. L to R: Randy Wrisinger, Randal Davks (Mr. Lea. Cowboy 07), Matthew Pavelich (Mr. Lea. Toronto); front: Freddie Marshall, Mr. Chgo. Leather, James Finley, Mr. Detroit Eagle 08 and Steve Tompa, Mr. Mountain Leather 1007.

That titleholders page

Unless you're not a leather titleholder, you are probably unaware of the almost daily newsletter with postings from leather titleholders and other notable persons in the leather community. People post greetings to new titleholders; titleholders introduce themselves and various developments both from within and without the leather/BDSM world make their way onto the pages of what is supposed to be a clearinghouse for leather events, trends, new books, films, festivals and personal opinions about this, that and the other.

Sometimes the readers of this newsletter react with their own opinions. Some situations cause numerous opinions, such as the sale of bareback videos at leather events; whether transgenders should be allowed to participate in male-only or female-only competitions; whether leather persons should be allowed to run a second time for the same title, etc, etc. It gets very heated at times and some people become so irate, fed up and just plain not interested that they just drop out of the whole thing, with admonitions that the newsletter should be more constructive, helpful and informative for newer titleholders.

Sometimes, newer titleholders post things that should not be posted; they are probably unaware that judges read this newsletter and something they posted thereon could be brought up during their interviews at future competitions. My advice to all that inquire is this: Go ahead, join it. Go ahead, read it. But be extremely cautious about what you post. It could come back to haunt you in an interview either by a judge, a member of the press or your own community and producers of your contest.

Every new and/or current titleholder should be aware that his/her every action is subject to scrutiny and troublemakers can make your innocent posting into a cause celebre and embarrassing to you when you have to deal with judges or other inquiring individuals. Keep it simple; keep it non-controversial, and keep it accurate. There are people who respond to these postings with vehement opinions that may or may not coincide with your opinion or your stance on any given matter. I suggest that after you introduce yourself just read the postings. Some of it is very inane, some of little value, some repetitive, and some just plain nonsense. Remember that every e-mail you send out is out there forever.

Spring is in the air. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour for daylight saving time this coming Sunday after 2 a.m. Spring forward; fall back. Have a wonderful week ahead and keep living, laughing, loving and volunteering.

Winners at the Mr. Missouri Leather 2008 contest at JJ's in St. Louis last Sat., March 1st. L to R: 1st runner-up Charles Schoenherr, winner Dwane Farr and 2nd runner-up Ross Gabriel. Mr. Farr doesn't look very happy, does he? (photo: Joseph. Palmisano)

Eventures in Leather March 5 – 16. 2008

Week March 5-15

It's Leather Pride Week in San Diego; this Saturday night, March 8 is the MS. San Diego Leather Contest and Saturday, March 15 is the MR. San Diego Leather Contest.

Wednesday, March 5

Titty night at the Powerhouse as the Nippleplay once-a-month party takes place around 2100. Special drink prices for the shirtless, free coat check $1 draft beers.

Weekend March 6-9

Mid-Atlantic Leather Forum weekend in Philadelphia. The weekend package is $50 with leather discussions and events including a formal leather dinner featuring keynote speaker Mary Elizabeth Boyd. For information, contact Justin Costello by email:

Thursday, March 6

Another Bare Chest Calendar contest around 2200 at the Powerhouse. In the end, it all benefits the AEF and PRC.

Saturday, March 8

Mr. Hayes Valley Leather contest at Marlena's in San Francisco tonight around 2200. Lenny Broberg MCs and a new titleholder will be chosen to compete at Mr. SF Leather 2008 on Saturday, April 5.

At 1500 today at the Eagle Tavern in SF, bootblack, buzz cuts, cigars, food and raffles until 1800 to support the Int�l. Boot Black travel fund, hosted by boy Jean and "BootDog."

Ms. San Diego Leather Contest at Rich's in San Diego tonight. If you're in the vicinity, drop in and cheer on your favorite contestant.

Weekend Mar. 14-16

Mr. San Diego Leather contest at Rich's, Graylin Thornton is the producer and Lee Butler will step aside to prepare for his IML 2008 appearance to compete for the title.

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