Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

by Paddy

Karrnal Knowledge

Paddy O'Brian is adored by Jimmy Franz in Falcon's Summer Lust. (Photo: Falcon Studios)
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Here we go with Part 2 of Praise for Paddy. To recap, launching last week into a review of Paddy O'Brian's first American movies, I declared that I loved him. My intent was to do some splainin' this week, but before that could happen, an online reader stated his disaffection (you can comment any week, too, at; please do!). Here it is: "You might be in love with Paddy O'Brien, Mr. Karr, but he leaves me ice cold." This makes me wonder if the commentator has actually seen Paddy's Falcon flicks. I thought Paddy's heterosexuality might cool his performance, but the dude gives off heat like a one-man scorched-earth policy. And here's what I was going to splain. Of course I'm not in love with Paddy. It's so much simpler than that. I'm in lust.

Tell you why. When people talk about the classic Falcon style, they're talking about a movie like Summer Lust . Tony Dimarco has directed with his usual specificity of focus, enabling his performers with a high energy that is not merely bumper cars. And in honor of Paddy's American debut, Dimarco gives us an O'Brian double-header. First Paddy with ubiquitous but ubermuscle-babe Marc Dylan, and then with a kid of ultra-pizzazz, Jimmy Franz.

Summer Lust opens with a shocker: the sight of D.O. with his stunning black hair completely cropped. But as Francis Faye always said, "When you're young and beautiful, it doesn't matter how you wear your hair." At any rate, you forget incidentals when D.O. slams the ever-receptive Dean Monroe off into ecstasy.

Then we have Marc and Paddy in a swimming-pool frolic that shows off the real Paddy, a sparkling bundle of fun. He's godlike when Marc worships his supreme tool, and he fucks with the thrust of a rocket leaving Cape Canaveral. And Marc setting his magnificent bubble butt down on the magnificent cock so there's nothing of it left outside of the tightly clenching ass-lips – well, I do declare.

It's rude for anyone to have to follow this act, but an especially fresh-looking Landon Conrad does well with Bryce Star. And then un finale formidable, when Paddy meets Jimmy Franz, a cutie who's got happy written all over him. Jimmy goes all goggle-eyed when Paddy saunters in, sparkling with sex appeal. Paddy greets Jimmy with a "let's meld together" lip-lock, obliterating himself in kissing the way a strictly G4P guy probably wouldn't. He gets an underwater bj that's a nasty novelty. On land, Jimmy gets the massive tool nuts deep in his throat, and soon it's nuts deep in his ass. Here's the thing about Paddy: he looks so white-collar and fucks so blue-collar. Jimmy's eternal smile is finally driven from his face as he works hard to accommodate the steel rod that stretches his tight hole wider than he thought possible. Paddy pummels him with speed strokes that make him wail like a siren.

Paddy O'Brian and Angelo Marconi in Falcon's Deep Inside Part 1.
(Photo: Falcon Studios)

The two-part Deep Inside, set beside sun-dappled vineyards, is well-directed by Steve Cruz, and won't disappoint, with stars the quality of Tyler Torro, and Trenton Ducati flipping with real-life lover Tate Ryder. Angelo Marconi is so manic for Paddy that the stud calls him "greedy." He takes a fuck with the same fury Paddy's throwing off. Later, Paddy's got still-boyish but tough Kyle King on the end of his tool. Paddy doesn't ride him easy, knowing only high gear and brutal. Though King winces and gasps, he never pulls away, and is rewarded with a warm facial.

Ultimately, Paddy gives such a high voltage performance that I don't care if the dude's no homo. He acts gay as well as Rock Hudson acted str8. Sure, he won't take it up the ass. But he's a thriller, positively lascivious for the lads. He kisses with passion, and fucks without mercy. The way he sweats buckets is exciting. With his all-over shiny beauty, and a dick that leaves me slack-jawed in wonder, he's a dude of great delight.

But does he have legs, I asked. Like all lusts, my Padomania may cool. Is it possible the excitement level might peak? Paddy's first scene with Marc bowled me over. The second worked almost as fine. At the third I realized Paddy's performances were unvaried. He has a routine. How long, I wonder, before it seems routine to us? I've got a short-list of guys I hope to see him drill before the thrill is gone. will lead you to lots of pics.


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