Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Sizzling studs

Karrnal Knowledge

Jim Ferro of Stockroom. Photo: Titan Men
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It's been too long since I looked over Titan features. The mainstream Swelter and fetish-oriented Stockroom demonstrate quite well the company's two-sided style.

Swelter was directed by Brian Mills in his usual accomplished manner. It's at all times proficient and polished, but I wouldn't mind a bit more engagement. Still, the cast, the movie's videography, technical considerations, and especially, the music, are high-level. Plus, it's available in Blu-ray, with remarkable detail and immediacy. Sex is pretty dazzling with this kind of image quality. I love Blu-ray porn. (Swelter is also available in traditional format.)

The movie is a poolside show of sunny days and sultry nights. The newer players in Swelter are hot dudes, particularly tall and taut Tibor Wolfe, and shorter but thick Tom Wolfe (they're related only in name). I liked attractive Tom, who's a more compact version of Paul Wagner, but with a lower performing profile. Tibor's pretty hot-looking, hairy-chested, inked, and very enticingly cocked. He opens the movie, engagingly paired with Spencer Reed, who seems thicker and more solid each time out, and whose good humor doesn't undercut his butch. There's a lot of slow, savory cocksucking; Reed's technique is especially impressive. Deep-penetrating rimming and a round of orgasms precede deep-penetrating fucking and a round of orgasms – the two-part format that's satisfyingly standard in all Titan scenes. Tibor's cum shots are gasp-inducing – blast after blast hurtle forth, landing somewhere in the next county.

The movie's hottest in its finale, which finds overly hung, burnished slab David Anthony in a sizzler threeway with stout Gio Forte and thin Bryan Slater. Yow, whatta cock! Hard as steel, long and straight, with a well-defined head. Bryan's a swell fucker, too, and then a startlingly blessed-out middleman in a chain fuck. His ecstasy is a thrill.

Mills shared directing of Stockroom with Paul Wilde, known for directing Titan's Rough line of intimidating S/M features. The pooling of talent paid off in Stockroom – its kink combines smooth presentation and real oomph – more mainstream in feel and slight plot than Titan's Rough line of extreme SMBD play. I first watched the retail edition of Stockroom, which lacks the 24 extra minutes of pissing and fisting in the Director's Edit, but I found myself cumming every five minutes anyway.

The "slight plot" is something about a netherworld lord of sex crime (I rea

lly didn't pay too much attention here). This Mafioso type is David Anthony, looking studly in a three-piece business suit, and pretty devastating with his hard-on poking out its fly. He has guys kidnapped, and in an ominous warehouse he trains them to be submissives before farming them out to "clients" for further debasement. The movie features clinging latex bodysuits slit open in just the right places, cockrings and ball-stretchers of the utmost novelty in design and excellence of function, nipple-chewing, mouth bits (which I hate), suspended and caged submissives, lots of pissing, a concentrated fisting, and a whole lot more.

Some Swelter players swagger into Stockroom: Spencer Reed, David Anthony, and Tibor Wolfe. Since I'd first seen Tibor in mainstream work, he surprised me here. I savored more of his torrential orgasms, but oh wow, his big, sloppy hole gapes as it's mightily worked over by Reed and Anthony. I subsequently found out he's a real pig for extreme fetish play when I backtracked to his performances in three Rough features. In Stockroom, he's first seen suspended upside-down, his heavy cock banging down toward his head as he sucks both his captors' cocks. They throw him into a sling for some heavy ass-work, including that intense fisting. Afterwards, he's left in solitude, shackled to a strange and lovely armature that holds a dildo firmly in place up his captive ass.

Stockroom provides a swell debut vehicle for both Jim Ferro and Aymeric DeVille. The former's a gigantic uber-daddy. I have a burning need to see this ruggedly handsome, hairy-chested, ultra-hung and heavily PA'ed wonder some more. He's a real-deal Master as he works over JR Matthews, who is delivered to him in a cage, and who later looks great in leather and shackles. DeVille is a sleek-bodied, hard-muscled, bearded and bald baddy with a really intense look. The first sight of his cock will make you gasp – it's a huge, uncut club of a dick. He's a mean top in one scene, and his later bottoming makes him shoot like a gun going off: Splat.

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