Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Briefly, recommended


Selections from Frameline 34 shorts, week 2

Scene from Deep Red. Photo: Courtesy Frameline
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Highlights from the second week of shorts programming at Frameline 34:

Deep Red Showing off the depth of terrific Jewish and specifically Israeli material at Frameline 34, Eddie Tapero's morally challenging short finds two lovely Tel Aviv citizens building their honeymoon nest-egg. They're saving up to start a new life together in Berlin, and their fast-buck scheme is to have the curly-haired, doe-eyed Gur (Yedidia Vital) perform as a high-priced S/M call-boy for horny old men while boyfriend Yuval (Oshri Sahar) strips their flats of plasma screens and computers. One night, while their latest victim Avner (Sharon Alexander) is tied up in the bedroom, Yuval mounts Gur in the living room.

"Come to the shower."

"Not now, you drive me crazy like this."

"Oh, fuck!"

"What's wrong?"

"I told Shlomo I'd talk to him before Midnight."

"Who's Shlomo?"

"The next old guy."

"You're not serious, we're in the middle here."

The next morning, Gur gets a rude call from Avner, demanding the return of his computer and its precious contents. Deep Red pivots on tensions bubbling up between the partners in crime, and the mystery surrounding the innocent, smiling young boy on Avner's laptop. (Deep Red program, Castro, 6/24)

The Armoire Jamie Travis concludes his Saddest Children in the World trilogy of shorts with a disturbing fairy tale in which two boys bubbling just under puberty make up some bizarre new rules for the old game of Hide and Seek. The sinister implications of the piece are oddly underscored by the squeaky clean subtext of its Canadian setting.

Lines In Carlos Munoz Vazquez's musically driven short, two club boys discover what their sharply disparate iPod playlists say about their future compatibility.

Just Friends? Kim-Jho Gwang-soo concocts a frothy pop farce out of the bid by two South Korean soldier lover-boys to wrestle some sack time during a few precious leave days. (three above, Worldly Affairs, Castro,

Still from Chained! Photo: Courtesy Frameline

Chained! Betsy Kalin kicks off her rocking exploration of chains as butch dyke fashion accessories with Aretha's "Chain of Fools."

"They started predominantly with the motorcycle industry, because that was the source of traveling without having to lose your wallet. Of course, chains keep other useful tools handy. Among those things is the bottle-opener, because you want to be sure when you're at that party and there's this fabulous girl there, you just pull out your chain and there's your bottle opener, and pop, there you go." (Dyke Delights, Castro, 6/26)

Falling in Love – with Chris and Greg, Episode 3: 'Food!' This sharply written, intelligent series, probing the rationales behind queer attitude and how one goes about "earning" one's attitude, zeroes in on the problems an aging queer guy has with his tranny lover's voracious appetite, and peer pressure from the boys at the gym.

"This is fine for you. You hang out with a bunch of art-school hippie dykes. They've clearly worked out other standards. For me, other than you, I hang out with a bunch of cut-throat Castro faggots – they are mean, and they are fit! They look great naked!"

"What Castro faggots are you talking about?"

"It's a real body-conscious scene. They haven't transcended sexual attractiveness."

"I don't get it, where's all this pressure coming from, your porn? From the frat boys you jack off to when I'm not around?"

Tune in and see who wins: the hypernormative gay boys or the food-encouragers and weight-gaining crowd. It's funny and eye-opening. (Transtastic! program, Victoria, 6/24)

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